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    Quick Summary of Changes to 8th edition

    There are a lot of random rumors out there regarding 8th edition Warhammer, so I wanted to just list the most important of the changes, for everyone (like me) who doesn't want to read 10 pages in order to find things out.

    This is by no means all the changes, just the most important ones:

    1. You may measure distances at any time, making guess weapons no longer guesses.

    2. Magic has a lot of changes, so you'll have to read the book, but in the new editions having fewer, better spellcasters is definitely better than having a lot of weaker ones.

    3. No matter what Madcat tells you, a pdf of the new rulebook is not hidden inside his pants.

    4. Army composition is by %, not slots, but isn't very restrictive. 25% Lords max, 25% Heroes max, 25% Core minimum, 50% Special max (no more than 3 of the same special unit), and 25% Rare max (no more than 2 of the same rare unit)

    5. The winner of the game is allowed to sleep with the opponent's spouse. If no spouse is available, then the winner may instead select one of the loser's significant others, siblings, or parents of their choice.

    6. Standards are far more important, as most of the missions are objective based, and only units with standards may claim objectives.

    7. When painting miniatures, the color blue may not be used. Also, brushes are to only be held only with one finger at any given time.

    8. There are no bonus points for table quarters.

    9. Underwear must be worn at all times.

    10. Templates now hit everything they touch. There are no partials.

    11. Instead of roll-offs with dice, all arguments are to be settled with cage matches, no ref in the ring.

    12. Fear does almost nothing now. Terror does a little more, but it's still pretty close to nothing.

    13. Skirmishers no longer do anything.

    14. Ogre Kingdoms are now one of the most powerful and competiHAHAHAHA...couldn't get through that one with a straight face.

    15. Single models now have 180 degree line of sight.

    16. If you are playing in Great Britain, you may ignore rule #3.

    17. Everything may wheel and turn as often as they like as they move, as if they were fast cavalry. Also, musicians allow you to reform for free after a move.

    18. Charging is a bit more random, but less important.

    19. Lady Gaga is a bit more random, but less important.

    20. A roll of a 6 to wound always wounds, making gnoblar vs Giant battles about 850% less realistic.

    21. Shooting is with true line of sight. Intervening units/terrain are considered soft or hard cover.

    22. 'Hard Cover' is coincidentally the title of the DVD hidden under my bed.

    23. Everything shoots with two ranks, and gain no additional bonuses from being on a hill, besides having a nice area for a picnic.

    24. You're only allowed one dispel scroll per list.

    25. The new rulebook must be purchased/stolen and memorized by midnight Saturday, or your army will come to life and eat you while you sleep. FYI

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    HAHAHAHAHA omfg, wow, you're quite the comedian my friend.

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