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    8th Edition Raising Prices?

    So I've played Fantasy on and off for a while, but was most active in 7th Ed, running a Dwarf army.

    8th Edition comes out, and I'm starting up High Elves because I want some of that tasty magic I've been missing out on for so long with the Dorfs.

    I've been putting together lists at various point values, testing different interactions and playing games where my Dwarfs count as Elves to get a firm grasp on things before I go about purchasing and painting a whole new army (what can I say, I'm a very conservative, wait-and-see type of guy).

    But one thing that keeps standing out to me is that with the 8th edition rule changes, we're seeing a drift away from MSU armies and towards-- if not horde-- at least generally larger troop blocks.

    From calculations I've been doing and conversations I've been having, it's becoming abundantly clear to me that the ideal unit proportions are now roughly 1.5x the number of models that come in most plastic kits.

    If I recall correctly, GW themselves have said that 8th edition was designed with larger games (3k, I believe) in mind, and while those 3k games certainly will look and feel more impressive, it seems to me that this transition has really put a damper on starting new armies from scratch.

    Given, GW is slowly but surely transitioning to plastic models, which means a 20 man unit of Swordmasters will probably not cost you in the hundreds of dollars once the plastics are out.

    Anyway, I've seen dozens of threads discussing the rules changes themselves, and the effect on a tournament environment, etc. But I'm wondering what people have to say regarding the changes the rules will bring not to gameplay itself, but to the hobby as a whole.

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    I understand your point, from a starters point of view you will have to spend a whole lot more AND its more to paint so that might scare off.

    Some people say they do 'it' (it = bigger games and shift to units 1,5x boxsize) to make more money and although thats obviously part of the reason i think theres something else at work here:

    Most of the GW good customers are now "old timers" whove played at least a few years and gathered a small army allready. This edition gives those players reason to buy even more models, and also reason to deploy more of their models.
    New editions make the game more varied over the course of time. Without it, they would have lost tons of long time players who get bored.

    Since your interested in High Elves, im sure you've seen this allready, but heres the link nonetheless:

    http://www.librarium-online.com/foru...x-minis-3.html (New Fantasy Box Minis)

    The new box should save quite a few bucks, and most of those models are the highest (GW) detail possible

    My guess is that next edition (9th or later) will possibly see smaller games again, because GW realises 3k is too high a Treshold for new players.
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    As always, Digger is spot on. I also really believe the move to a deadlier game for the armies serves many purposes:
    1. More casulaties means you must have more troops
    2. Faster game play (however, if more models are on the table it may make it counterproductive)
    3. Reason to buy more models

    GW seems to be getting the fact that people want plastics - not only for the price, but easier conversions, more bits left over, etc. I just wish the insane hikes for some of the newer sets don't become standard, but I fear they will be - ($41+ USD for 10 Empire GreatSwords?? Holy Cow!!)

    If GW had only modified the troop rules to make everyone boost troop numbers without changing the attack rules to make for more casualties it would have made even small games last forever. I am in favor of short and bloody battles and do enjoy painting a few more troops to boost numbers, but the outrageous prices for so few a number of models will come back to haunt GW. I am sure you are right that future editions may encourage starting new smaller armies versus huge 3,000+ point behemoths.

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