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    So I need army choice help =[

    Hello all who care to take a read
    Long time lurker, dont post often, but I'm well into my Fantasy.
    I'm one of those guys that keeps swapping armys and dropping things after a few weeks.
    Well it's got to the stage were I no longer want to be that guy, nor can I afford to be

    So I thought I'd come seeking advice and tips.

    I'll tell you what I currently own.
    At least 2000 points of Ogres.
    In and around 2000 points of Vampires.
    At least 2000 points of Night Goblins.
    Roughly 1500 points of Daemons. (Predominantly Bletters)

    Was alot more but selling stuff for moneys

    Ideally, I would like to perhaps stick to one of these, although I am currently tossing about the idea of either attempting to pick up Bretonnians, Skaven, or Warriors of Chaos, and possibly Empire, it would be the easiest to start and I can get models real easy, plus the novels at the moment are awesome, but theres something about just being men, in a good and bad way you know?

    What do I want in an army?

    Character. Not overly interested in a power gaming list or army. It has to have a good theme and just feel and look good on the table top.

    Of course when I say character, I'm also referring to a dominant figure I can look too, my general basically. To me he has to stand out, be a bada$$ and just be really really

    Now from this, I'm looking towards the Vampires, big sexy Vampire Lord, the imagery in the book and the BRB of these guys look insane. The kind of legendary character you'd expect to see leading an army and conquering.

    I dont think the ogres are cutting it for me nor characterful enough.
    The Night Goblins are wicked. Love the character models too. But they seem to lack that OOMPFF I'm looking for.

    Daemons, now thats a tricky one. On one end I love most of the models, and the Greater Daemons can be so great, model wise and rules wise. Im looking at LoC and KoS
    But I'm finding it a little hard trying to covince myself that their are characterful and not just 'warp-spawned denizens that die and just got shot back out again somewhere else'. Does that make sense?

    Of course, I'd also like one or two elite units to capture the eye. So a zombie swarm wouldnt be that appealing, maybe 2 units of graveguard? But will that be good, or just beocme a little bland, can you add character to units like that?

    Same goes for Daemons.

    Thats why Ive been looking at other armys, Empire has alot of stuff, character, plastic , easy to make certain units of reknown.
    Skaven, basic troops, elite fighters, so many options, insane devices, doomwheel, screaming bell etc.

    I was initially looking toward my Vampires, but the idea that if the Vampire dies, the rest is reduced to shambling auto-matons without much character.

    Im still looking to hear other-wise for Daemons, someone to tell me their experiences etc.

    Should I pack these ones up and perhaps start a new army and solely focus on that?
    (Im mainly looking to settle and focus on one particular army and work on it.)

    I'd love some feedback and advice. Many thanks in advance to anyone that read this rather unexpected lengthy post.


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    Well as far as having some character I think you will be hard pressed to get that feel for daemons. There is a reason why they say "We are Legion".

    Personally I think vampires would be your best choice for overall look. While yes you will mostly have ghouls / zombies / skeletons depending on what you choose for vamp traits. They do however have some really nice character models, and like you the fluff has made me consider them a few times for when I get the money to build a new army. They also have some nice units you can really do up nicely to draw attention to the army on the table. Such as blood knights (crazy expensive though), graveguard, the black couch and I have seen a few really impressive vargulfs.

    Brets would also suit you I think but since you don't already have them I would stay with the vampires.
    - You must set fire to water or you will be extinguished.

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    Hey man, i think I`d have to agree and say go with the VC just for simple fact of that they do have some cool looking models ( I`m loathe to admit it but do really like the corpse cart) and you already have a decent size army for them

    The only problem I found with armies like Skaven is that you in my opinion need a good job to support them because a dcent size unit of clanrats can easily mount up seeing as they come in boxes of 10/10 clanrats/ slaves admitidlly you do get both but can just sometimes be annoying I`m just grateful Ive got a skaven army from my 4th ed days

    Anyway at the end of the day mate as someone said to me why stick with one if you like them all?? limit yourself to 2/3 or just carry on swapping its about fun and if you enjoy swapping whats the harm?

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