k, so this is a new list i've come up with for 8th ed, only played with it once and it tore beastmen apart in 4 turns. any opinions/hints/advice are welcom

Orc WB
Akrit Axe, Armour of destiny, boar, shield, potion of strength

NG warboss
maad's map, shield of ptolos, light armour, sword of strife

NG shaman lvl2
dispell scroll, ruby ring

Ng big boss BS bearer
spider banner

30 Ngoblins
bows, musician, fanatic

30 Ngoblins
bows, musician, 2 fanatics

40 Ngoblins (BS bearer goes here)
bows, musician, 3 fanatics

15 orcs
additional choppaz, command

5 wolf riders
bows, musician

5 spider riders
bows, musician

3 spear chuckaz

2 boar chariots

20 black orcs
command, shields, banner of butchery

2 doom diver catapults

6 river trollls