Hello everyone- just a friendly reminder to everyone to please use your Search feature before posting.
With the new edition and everyone trying out new armies or picking up their very first, this is becoming more and more important. There are lots of threads popping up in each section saying "i'm new! Now what?" With so many of these threads, newer ones are going unanswered and just adding to the clutter. The answers that you do get are normally just a veteran's copy-paste "buy a battalion and this regiment."
It would be better to have one thread with multiple in-depth responses. In light of that, i'll keep my eyes peeled for good "beginners" threads in each section, with hopes of giving everyone one good sticky. At least then if someone opens a new thread we can redirect their attentions.
Here's to the humble Search Feature, and a better LO experience for everyone!

Ps. Search is not just for newbies- vets could try searching their ideas too sometimes.