Lord w/ Great Axe Master Rune of Gromril & Master Rune
of Spite 214

Runesmith w/ 2 ROSB Gromril Armour & Great Axe 128

Thane w/ Gromril Armour Rune of Stone & BSB 99


2x19 Warriors w/ GW's HA & FulL Command 430

2x10 Thunderers 280

10 Crossbow Men 120


19 Hammerers w/ Full Command 296

Stone Thrower w/ Rune of Penetrating & Accuracy 135

Cannon 100

18 Slayers 198

Points:2000 Models:110

After a looong time of deliberation and playtesting,i think ive come up with a balanced dwarf list(was going for CD but the amount of conversion involed was...ugh). I played a more shooty list without the slayers 2 games,but both games VC simply annihilated me,autobreaking my units. The 3rd game with the slayers i was able to hold up his squad of black knights for the whole game,even reducing them down to below half strength for VP's. I also didnt use the x-bowmen before,but after facing some elves i thought the extra range and shooting power was needed. The final thought was not arming the lord w/ a rune weapon. This was a hard choice since i love maxed out lords,but it allowed me to fit in the x-bow men,so it was worth it. Tell me what you think!