New Player- Tomb Kings vs. Vampire Counts - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    New Player- Tomb Kings vs. Vampire Counts

    Hey guys,

    I have been around Warhammer for a few years but have not really played much due to the cost, however I now have a consistent cash flow to begin playing

    So, I am here to ask a question regarding my army selection. I like the "undead" theme and have narrowed my selections down to the Tomb Kings and Vampire Counts. Could you guys provide me with a basic breakdown?

    Also, I don't like zombies at all. So in a VC army I wouldn't field them. Price is another factor that I will be looking do these armies compare cost wise?

    Thanks for the help!

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    Right now the Tomb Guard are quite easy to start up with, all thats needed is a battallion, a few characters and 2 or 3 tomb scorpions/skullapults.
    The more elite stuff is all metal though and quite expensive.
    Tomb Guard for example come in small expensive blisters per 3 and you would need 20ish, same goes with the vultures and the Ushabti.

    These guys are focussed on getting extra moves and attacks through magic, while the vampire counts are a bit more about raising more dead through magic.

    about Vampires its ok to go without zombies, If you go with skeletons or Ghouls. Some of the vampire elites are just rediculously expensive (yeah im thinkin blood knights) and youl probably need more core than you start out with, because your regiments can grow during games.

    Both armies are not so easy to pick up i think, the 8 edition magic phase is quite risky for the vampire's necromancers, while the tomb kings have very fragile troops. "Glass cannons" so to speak. A tomb scorpion can eat enemies from their rear, but if it faces something with average fighting power, they go poof!

    So if you like to,mb stones, ghosts and werewolves vampires make the theme,
    If you like egyptian theme, sand, scorpions and Chariots, Tomb kings is for you :p

    Welcome to LO!
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