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Thread: Army Questions

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    Army Questions

    Greetings again all,

    Still working on the idea of a Biblical Hebrew army. However, I have decided to start at the beginning. Go with my idea's and see what army has the most matching connections. So, without further ado.

    1) I am thinking that the army will need magic in some way. This can represent the prayer's granted and blessing given by God. This one is easy as I think every army has magic.

    2) A model of some sort that can be converted to look like the Ark. This doesn't need to have any special attacks. I am mainly just wanting to convert something that will be able to be a center piece for the army.

    3) Even if the background has black powder, I am also looking for the ability to make an army that doesn't require black powder weapons to be worthwhile.

    4) An army that even if I used models for another one, it would be easy to convert them so people could tell what they are to represent. Such as using the Empire Battle Wizard kit and converting them to be Liche Priests.

    This should help me out to plan and go from there. I have lots of time to do so and to buy the models I want, since I am currently deployed. But, I don't want to sit around and do nothing for this. Thank you.

    The sands of time consume all in the end. Beware, for we, the Kings of Nehekhara, are those sands made flesh.

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    I still think, from what little I know of them, that Tomb Kings sound like your best bet. I may be wrong (someone who plays them will no doubt be along shortly) but flicking through the book they're the only ones that say to me "I fit".
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    Tomb kings and empire appear to fit. Both adhere very well to the "prayer" thing you mentioned. Empire has blackpowder but can use crossbows and archers. You can use the steamtank or waraltar as an ark. Tomb kings could use a bonegiant as ark ( with their unstoppable assault ( awesome rule ) being the ark ramming into the enemy, and thunderstomp as well ) , or the casket of souls. Tomb kings have no black powder, and they are basically tribesmen. I once saw a tombking army converted to be a 'living' tomb king army. An army using the tomb king rules but converted to be the old humans of Nehekhara before they were killed by Nagash and turned into tomb kings. The infantry did have a feeling of armies from that part of the world at that time.

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