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Thread: Magichammer

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    Hey, sorry to spawn 2 threads at once, but I need to ask you experienced players something. I've played 3 battles of 8th, seen a couple more. My oponents are high elves and dark elves. We played 1500 and 2000 pts battles.
    It seems theres no alternative to taking a 4th lvl wizard lord. The amount of destruction they can bring to the table can only be countered by one of their own. If I take the hero/more troops route, I know I'm gonna get stomped by all those new nasty spells.
    Add to that, the dark elf reverse ward that prety much leaves the wizard safe from the miscast damage, and the book of hoeth.
    The game goes on until one of the mage lords dies somehow, then it's just mop-up. It aint fun to know there's really nothing I can do about this.

    What are your experiences? Has anyone tried facing a lord wizard with little to none magic of their own?

    Also, those damn dark elves! That pendant is imba, dammit!

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    Moved to FB armies, this isn't a rules question.

    You don't have to take a level 4. I don't (at 2k), and it's just a matter of shutting down the right spells. Don't expect to control the magic phase, so accept some casualties and make sure you dispel the killer spell. At 2k I've had no more than a level 2 on the table and taken on Vampire Lords and Chaos Sorcerer Lords.

    Taking out a Dark Elf with the pendant is easier now - There are so many items and spells that don't rely on strength to cause damage, not least Death magic to scare the living daylights out them with with the signature spell.

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    I'm with Rork- while there are exceptions, the majority of the complaints that I've heard about the new magic phase comes from people who are still trying to stop every single spell. That's just not how it works anymore. In 7th edition, the LowCast spells weren't that dangerous, and people knew to let them through. Since 8th rolled out, Magic has become a lot more lethal for everyone involved. Players see these massive spells and try to stop them all just like they would in 7th. You have to accept that you might be removing several models at a time, and that's just to the "low cast" spells.

    Facing off against High Elves and Dark Elves is a tough spot, for sure. Both armies have some cheesy magic abilities (IF on any double, cast with 6+ dice, etc). But there are ways around it. Wait for that big 6-dice spell that doesn't get IF, and then hit them with a Feedback scroll. Wardsave be damned, that thing wounds outright, no Strength. Taking lower level casters will allow you to make bigger units, who are more resistant to magic. Search out MR items as well, and stick them into your regiments if you can. Letting a spell through that you can fight off with a Wardsave is a lot better than wasting dice and letting Purple Sun or Dwellers get past you.
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    The main problem with 8th edition is magic, but the armies it's hurt the most are elite (as in relatively low model count) armies that have either an army wide low initiative, or a low strength, and this goes double if they don't have access to Lore of Life.

    The problem is that there are a few spells (Dwellers Below, Pit of Shades, Purple Sun) that can cause a ridiculous amount of damage against a single unit. This isn't a big deal if you have a high model count, as the losses won't matter as much. For an elite army, however, this can be a very big deal, especially if they're particularly vulnerable to one of the spells, with either a low strength or initiative.

    The main armies that got really hurt by this are Wood Elves and Ogres. Of course, any elite army can have trouble if they have either a low strength or iniative, and they don't exploit one of these spells themselves. Dwarves are the only exception, as they're relatively elite with a low initiative, but they still do fine because of their easy access to cannons.
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