Ok so im going to start off saying my first game of warhammer was 2 days ago . . . i am proxying everything to see what i want beforehand(friends are ok with this)

I started with beastman because: Dwarf, Warriors of Chaos, Skaven, High Elfs, and Zombies or something undead was already taken.

So i will post both of the 2k point armies i built and please rip them apart as much as you would like.


Starts with:

Doombull as general w/ heavy armour
Sword of Swift Slaying
Talisman of Preservation (thinking of putting the enemy re rolls wound armor)
Potion of Toughness

Gorebull W/ heavy armour
Talisman of Endurance
Golden Sigil Sword

2x10 Gor Herd fully loaded with 2nd weapon (1x10 for ambush)
2x10 Bestigor Herd fully loaded (1x10 for ambush)

1unit of 5x3 Sons of Ghorros Fully loaded

2units of 7 harpies W/ scout


=2000 even

I won my first battle with this army against a WoC because i succesfully casted a 6 on the first turn for ambush but even without that my sons of ghorros was rocking face.

I have tried builds with Bray shamans and were not very successful but im up for anything

Here is Wood Elf (havent got to play this yet)
Highborn as general
Hail of Doom Arrow
Pageant of Shrikes
Bow of Loren

3xEternal Guard Noble (each to join GGx14)

2x8 Dryads
3x14 GG all fully loaded
1 w/ Banner of Springtide
2x10 Waywatchers w/ champions
2x5 wardancer fully loaded

= 1998 pts

I built this because i am tired of getting fired on from soo far away so i was going to try it as well . . . please rip it apart