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    Warhammer Fantasy Sailing Vessels

    Can anyone provide a website link or give me a list or somesuch relating to Dark Elf sailing vessels? I am a writer and working on a story to submit to BLACK LIBRARY (yes, I am serious) and need some reference material. Anything that might assist would be appreciated.

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    Sea of CLaws Yhoo Group.

    In Warhammer Background - Dark Elves operate:

    1) Skiff-type light ships (from Gotrek and Felix and various dioramas)

    2) Black Arks (from most WHFB literature referncing Dark Elves) - monstrous vessels which are essentially floating lumps of rock surmounted by a fortress, all of which were once part of Nagarythe.

    3) Sea Dragon-based vessels (from Man O War) consisting of a tower or ship drawn by a large reptilian creature (Doomreavers are basically hybridised Sea Dragons with a rabid temper drawing a small boat carrying ranged weaponry chariot style, Death Fortresses are a tower type structure like a howdah mounted on teh back of a true Sea Dragon - Sea Dragons being Chaos warped versions of their flying cousins and descended from the dragons of old who fell int the magically saturated waters around Ulthuan during the time of the war vs Chaos or the Sundering)

    4) A Sea Knight type unit (from Gotrek and Felix) - basically a large serpentine animal with a warrior mounted atop it.

    If you ae doing High Elves in the piece, Dragon ships are mighty catamarans with a twin-bladed ram capable of shearing a ship in two, Eagleships are cruisers with an incredibly heavy armament of bolt throwers for a ship as fast as they are (think pocket battleship...) and Eagleships are like racing yachts but far more manouvreable, and carrying a heavy armament far exceeding their size, think WW2 motor torpedo boats but with longer ranged weapons.

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