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    Local Ard Boyz Fantasy results

    I'm always interested in hearing the results for the Ard Boyz events....okay, I'm a little more interested this year because I won. ^_^

    Here are results from my local store:

    1st place: Ogre Kingdoms (me)

    Yes, believe it or not, I won with my Ogres. The army had pretty standard Thundermace Tyrant, a Slaughtermaster equipped for close combat, a BSB, Butcher, a small unit of bulls, 2 units of 26 gnoblars, 1 unit of 15 gnoblar trappers, 2 scraplaunchers and...a unit of 39 bulls.

    I attached every character besides the butcher to the giant unit of bulls, and kept them in a 6x7 horde. During setup, if we had to take turns placing, I'd place the other units first, to see where he places everything, and then place the giant unit all the way to his weakest side. My other units would guard my flank, as I moved in to roll up his army.

    Why such a giant horde? I wanted something that could be hit multiple times with one of the ridiculously overpowered spells, and still survive. Those spells still hurt a lot, but as long as 18 of the 42 survived to reach close combat, I rolled up a lot of their army, and unless they wiped out the unit completely (and the characters attached) 2200 points of my army was ungainable. ^_^

    2nd Place: Chaos Daemons

    A typical 'competitive' daemons army, with Kairos, Blue Scribes, two large units of pink horrors, a large unit of plaguebearers, a herald of tzeentch, a herald of nurlge, a LOT of flamers, some flesh hounds, and a couple fiends.

    He won by a massacre in every game except the one against me. It was a close one, but he cast too recklessly with Kairos, who wound up eating himself with a misfired purple sun. His flamers were RIDICULOUSLY effective though.

    3rd Place: Lizardmen

    Again, a typical 'competitive' build with a giant unit of temple guard, plenty of warriors, plenty of chameleons, one unit of skinks, a couple stegadons, and a kitted out Slaan with Lore of life.

    He did very well, but his main weakness of keeping his Slaan alive. If you ask me, he pushed too far forward with his temple guard, and assumed they survive anything. The sheer number of poisoned attacks, and the effectiveness of Lore of Life, helped him a lot though.

    Anyone else play in the Ard Boyz? How'd it go for you?

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    I don't play in 'ard boyz myself, but that's because my local area is all 'ard boyz metality 24/7 so I'm more or less just sick of the constant dick measuring contest... That and my dice rolling sucks! (appropriate in a sense though as I play VC's?!)

    Congrats though on proving that the Ogres can hold their own in that type of environment! I wish you the best of luck in the semi's!

    So far it seems that it's been mostly the following who've made it through;
    - teclis high elves
    - dark elves
    - 'uber slaan lizzies
    - skaven (surprise!)
    - orc&gobbos (admitidly a happy result to prove that the new 8th ed books are good!)
    - warriors of chaos
    - daemons of chaos
    - ogres!

    I've heard that VC's have taken an absolute face kicking this year though... And I hear a number of people are going to perhaps give the new tomb kings a go next round as sphinx-heavy lists look like a fairly solid build so far?

    How were the senarios? I know a few local players here decided against playing because of the 3rd senario. Were they really that craptastic?!


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