Hi people, I would like to hear your advise/comments/abuse for my new Von carstein vampire army, taken from the Vampire counts army book. I've just started my first proper games, so help would be welcome. The plan is to keep the vampires with the skeleton blocks and overpower my enemy with magic and fast flanking wolves, with the bats to restrict movement and kill war machines. Right, here goes:

Von carstein vampire count, additional hand weapon, ring of the night, lvl 2 wizard, black periapt, aura of dark majesty, summon wolves = 341pts

Necromancer , lvl 2 wizard, power familiar = 150pts

Necromancer, level 2, dispel scroll x2 = 150pts

Von carstein vampire thrall, sword of Battle, Enchanted shield, heavy armour = 119pts

29 skeletons, hand weapons, shields, spears, light armour, full command = 344pts

19 skeletons, hand weapons, shields, light armour, spears, full command = 234pts

10 Black knights, barded nightmares, full command, barrow of the barrows = 335pts

7 dire wolves = 70pts

7 dire wolves, 1 upgraded to a doom wolf = 80pts

4 fell bats = 80pts

banshee = 90pts

Total = 1993pts

Power dice generated = 9
Dispel dice generated = 6
Dice stored per turn = 1

Please tell me if I have got any of the point values or arithmatic wrong, and feel free to comment.

Keep smilin'!