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Thread: Cavalry hordes

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    Cavalry hordes

    so I was thinking of starting an all cavalry army, based on a fastmoving, cavalry archer army. The question is: who fields the best light/heavy cavalry, and which army could field a force comprised mostly of light, shooting cavalry. For the life of my I can't decide which army would be most suited for this.

    Now this was prompted by thinking about the mongols and their approach to war. So the army in my mind I would like to field is entirely cavalry, with lots of fast, shooting cavalry, and a few heavier shock cavalry. For the life of me I couldn't decide which army would be best, or even which models to use. bretonnian mounted yeomen are good, but metal and impractical to build an army out of. same with the old keslivite models. chaos don't have horse archers unfortunately. tomb kings are too tied to the general for manouvering. And dogs of war no longer exist.

    the problem is that the cavalry would have to be core, as infantry is a nono. and I am stumped as to which army is best. ideas?

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    Brets have the best Cavalry that are Core I think, but the problem is Cavalry is hurting in this edition, and I mean bad. As far as shooting/Fast Moving goes, I know Skeleton Horse Archers int he TK book are core with Fast Calv and Scout, and Wood Elves have Fast Calv Archers that don't take a penalty to shooting and moving with the added benefit of treating forests as open (aka Forest Striders). Both of these units are core, but the problem with Glade Riders (wood elves) is they are horrible over costed at 24 points a model.
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    I did not want to pay for the metal Bret Yeoman either, so kit bashed some from some leftovers and from Ebay.

    Here is the link to the old thread... (Handmade Trebuchet and Kit-Bashed Mounted Yeomen)

    However, this was done before 8th came out and cavalry got the nerf. But, you really cannot beat the Bretonnians in the area of mounted choices.

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    You could also go for a goblin Wolf Rider army.
    they actually seem to be inspired on the mongols as they are supposed to be a nomadic tribe, and are lead by 'Gitilla da hunter'.
    They won't be a real competitive army, but will definitly have the feel of it.
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    How attached are you to having bows? That's going to kill you right there- S3 is a joke unless you put a LOT of shots downrange. I used to play an All-Cavalry Warriors army, and an All-Cav High Elf army, and now I play a very mobile Empire gunline (yeah, I said mobile and gunline in the same sentence).

    Here's what I've got to offer for 8th edition:

    Dark Elves- dude, Dark Riders are a pain in the butt. They have Repeater Xbows, so they have a tendency to plug a ton of S3 shots at you. 1-per-model isn't scary, but when you're looking at taking about 20 shots from a unit of 10 guys, it starts to get a bit daunting. I also think that hand Xbows have Armor-piercing. They were quite a nuisance to my Warriors, because I couldn't pin him in place long enough for a death-blow. Cold One Knights are good back up, plus your Hyrdras are almost fast enough to keep up, and they are a brick-portapotty if you know what I mean.

    Empire- yep. We have core Knights that can fill your requirements if you want. But we've also got lots of fun little bits in the Special section. Namely, Pistoliers and Outriders. Outriders being BS4, 24" range, S4AP 3x Multishot Fast Cav. Unfortunately, they can't move and shoot, but by the time the enemy gets into charge range, you've probably plugged 2 rounds of shooting into them. Pistoliers get 2x Multiple, BS3, S4AP shots with a 12" range and they HURT because they can still move. My current army focuses on units of these with Handguns in the core choice and a lot of Priests. The Handguns are actually just there to anchor people in combat, claim objectives* and provide extra gunfire. I've also got quite a few Knights riding around, available as S3 core or S4 Specials with a 1+ save or a 2+ and GWs. Oh and yeah, Tanks. Two of them actually, with cannons and stuff, causing Impact Hits in every round of combat and still getting to shoot while they're engaged. Most people just refuse to play against this army, but it's been so much fun when it does get a game in.

    *Infantry is important- there is a mission where you need to capture a tower. Infantry are the only ones able to enter buildings. They are also probably the only guys you should use to root people out of trees and such. Ranks are a big deal in 8th, which is why Cavalry got the Nerf-stick shoved into places it doesn't want it. If they have more ranks than you, they're Steadfast, which means stubborn. That, and cavalry are naturally expensive in most books because they used to get to attack without fear of reprise from an enemy. Now they don't, so you start losing those 20pt+ models in each round.
    The best tactic for a fast cav army like this one is to actually take the second turn. Then, on turn 6, charge into combat with EVERYTHING. Try to get flanks and rears, with multiple units preferably, and break your enemy and run them down. Going second means that your opponent has no chance to react to your attack, no counter-flanking or anything like that, he just has to weather it.
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