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    Storm of Magic experience

    So has anyone had the chance to play a match of Storm of Magic today? I have and it was brilliant! It was only a 750pt game and we had to have a wizard obviously at least 1 core choice and a monster if we wanted to, I was using High Elves and he used Dwarfs. But enough about the armies and more about the game, we played a scenario with a mad sorcerer who used invisible fire of tzeentch at the closest target and while he was on the fulcrum it moved randomly every turn and whoever caught it and the end of the game won, lucky for me it went towards him first in my friends turn and stated blasting the runelord. Now I've gotta say, expect a ton of miscasts when playing Dwarfs cause when they whack a rune it goes off on a 4+ but any 6 is a miscast so we had a lot of miscasts going off which involved turning every wizard inc the runesmith into frogs which gave me a chance to snipe the mad sorcerer with my archers and seaguard, whoop! My friend also made the fulcrum he was standing on move round the table which was funny to watch and then he teleported me closer to the winning fulcrum with another miscast so I had a turn to march until I got to the objective fulcrum, then the fun really began, his runesmith miscast for the 4th time in 5 turns and turned it his runesmith into a frothing monster with thunderstomp and about 5 different rules like frenzy, hatred, cause terror and it also meant that he wasn't a wizard any longer and he lost all the runes that he'd given him so it gave me a chance to cast the dominance votrex spell from lore of fire on his 50 man dwarf unit that was trying to knock my wizard off, I threw 6 dice and managed to cause over 70 wounds at str 10, it felt so good to go mad with power!!! Mua hahaha I also summoned a unit of 20 sword masters just for the hell of it, it was brilliant to play so share your battles and experiences in this thread! ^^

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    Had a chaos sorcerer with the dawnsword and ASF chaos helm against VC. Arcane ruin turned into a fulcrum, his vampire took it 1st turn before knocking one of my sorceerer off mine and turning into a monster from a miscast . My death sorcerer with the sword cast crystal maze on his necromancer and miscast, blowing the fulcrum sky-high and blasting all nearby units . A 350 or so point character lost from 1 miscast. And the vampire and necromancer returned next turn . Warriors killed the necromancer but a varghulf killed my last sorcerer. I thten chased the vampir around the board as he teleported around from spells and miscasts. Very bad game, especially considering he summoned a dragon and ganged up on my warshrine with it, the varghulf and a corpse cart.
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