So after a look over at Warseer, Harry's been hinting that Dwarfs, Empire & VC's are apparently closer than we likely think to releases of some kind?!!
Sad for the Brets & WE's, but hopefully one of them still sneaks in.

Mind you, judging by the rummors flying about here and most of the other larger forums, alot of the rummor mongers are hinting that Dwarfs could be a 2012 release!
Hopefully they get a little meaner in combat, not to mention get at least 3 of their current metal units moved into badly needed plastic sets...

I'd be over the moon for VC's! Holy shit it'll be a dream come true to play with more than 4 freaking unit options without being auto-curbstomped by everyone...
Not to mention, we could get our Fast Cav option back, and get some monstrous units to play with too.

Looks like interesting times are ahead!