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    Choosing secondary army

    2 friends and i and are going to start a gamers club and play warhammer - with some beers and good food added into the mix.

    I Have gathered a small warriors of chaos warhost - and my next project is converting and painting them.

    One of my friends is going to play skaven .

    Second friend is going to use my secondary army - and sometimes my chaos army and we will "trade armies".

    I need some advice
    What is the cheapest ($$$) and viable 1000-1500pt skaven army you can make which includes lightning cannons? I can convert to a lesser extent, so alternative models will not be a problem, as long as they are gw.

    Second question: what secondary army shall i choose? I am choosing between TK, VC, the new OK and HE. Looking for a cheap army that does not play like skaven nor warrior of chaos. my prioritites goes as follows: TK preferably with OK nearly as good, and VC coming in at a somewhat distant third:

    I adore the egyptian style of the TK and would like an army with alot of constructs - but still a viable and cheap army. I would like either/some necropolis knights, Tomb scorpiosns or a necrosphinx - their casket is also pretty badass. The whole concept of an army working totally in concert to succeed appels to me too.

    The Ogre Kingdoms playstyle fascinate me - a very rough, elite army lujmbering over the battlefield while their archers fire cannons. The only thing worrying me is that they are not as aesthetically pleasing. I Love their big monsters, and that a battalion box+that-badass-thundertusk/stonehorn + chracter is nearly an army. One of my friends already owns a pack of leadbelchers i can convert and paint, so that would easily make a nice addition to the army. I am worried if OK will play too similar in playstyle to my chaos army though.

    HE come with the island of blood box, and i already own one box of old silverhelms, and since IoB+ skaven battalion makes a nice army, it would maybe wise to start he as the secondary army. I like painting gold - but they are flimsy and vain as a people, and i dont know if they will play to similar to WoC.
    i cannot choose, i need some pros and cons and average price levels. Any help is very appreciated.

    I will not buy the army rulebooks before deciding on the armies, since the cost will be too high combined. I need some advice before choosing an army and bying the stuff i need.

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