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    Lord Choices: Magic vs Combat

    I was talking a friend of mine last night, and wound up discussing Lord choices and how it seems that combat Lords are a thing of the past because the new Lores are particularly powerful. The problem we have is that the Fantasy crowd around us isn't very prominent, and our experiences are very closed because we all started about the same time. We're down to 4 players (Ogres, High Elves, Dwarfs, and my Wood Elves) now, which means that our meta is very tight. The only real outside source of experience is online, because our local GW's new store is about the size of a walk-in closet, and gaming doesn't really happen there, so we're following the trend of: "Why take a guy with 5 attacks when you can cast Purple Sun?" We both like combat lords, but find it hard to justify them over a L4 Wizard even if it's just for defense, especially against our HE player (he's green as grass, but pretty much follows what the internet says is good for everything, not just WH/40k). Basically what we'd like to know is if Combat Lords have merit anymore over a wizard.

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    It's not that fighty lords suck, there's something else going on. Several things, actually. Yes, magic is a bit OTT at the moment...you're almost forced to take a L4 caster just for the 4+ to your dispel attempts, it's a 'keeping up with the joneses" thing. But that only explains why mage lords are a necessary choice, it doesn't explain why fighty lords are bad. It's fundamental to the current BRB and the effect that that has on army design. First of all, steadfast regiments, especially ones in range of a BSB, don't need LD9/10...a rerollable unmodifiable 8/9 is plenty. So many armies don't need a general's LD bubble, or get a good enough LD bubble out of a mage or a hero-level fighter. Okay, so what about the other aspect of a lord-level melee character, the ability to obliterate 3-5 models in melee...well, in the old days, you'd see that lord killing off some knights or mega-elite walking-tank infantry...but those units are extremely rare in the current meta, and who cares if your 400 point model kills even 7-8 4-point bits of fodder in a unit that, as I mentioned, is probably getting a rerollable 8 or 9 break test?

    Melee Lords lose their value when their LD is overkill and their killiness is rendered irrelevant.
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