2150 Pt. Bretonnia - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    Hey guys, I'm planning out my future Bret. list. I've decided to go all cavalry. I have also decided to play no magic. About half of the games i'll play will be against Dwarves and Khorne. The other armies I will play against are dark elves(1-2 lvl 2's) and Lizzies without a slaan. The two undead armies scare me, but against those I will play Earrantry list and have some magic defense.

    So here it is:

    Bret. Lord- GV, Silver Lance of Blessed, Grail Shield, Pegasus

    Pal- QV, Sword of Quest, Shield, BW, HA, Rides w/ QK

    Pal- BSB Gromril Great Helm, HA, BW, Rides w/ KE

    Pal- Lance, Shield, HA, BW, Rides w/ KotR

    Pal- Lance, Shield, HA, BW, Rides w/ KotR

    8 KotR w/ FC War Banner

    8 KotR w/ FC

    8 KE w/ FC Errantry Banner

    5 PK w/ FC

    5 QK w/ FC

    5 MY w/ Musician

    5 MY w/ Musician

    9 GK w/ FC Banner of Defense

    -I am playing quite a few heroes in here, but since i NEED to break the enemy on the charge, i think its a good idea.
    -The Mounted Yeomen will bait the khorne losers, the PK will hunt mages and war machines and march block. The QK are great flankers and very manuverable with 3X2.
    -My lord will stay within an inch of the PK so he cant be sniped and is a great character hunter. Otherwise i'll just slam him into a big unit along with a train.

    -My Warrior Priest will challenge your Chaos Lord
    -OK, my Chaos lord will slaughter you
    -My warrior priest with Van Hortsmen's Speculum will take his 7 Str 8 attacks. You die.
    -Take your model off the table, he's dead

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    This seems like a fairly solid list. And damn, it has godspeed. The PKs should help you in a lot of your games. If you pray every game,(which I think you should) your army is going to have some very resiliant guys. With 2+ saves, 5+/6+ wards, and many units being immune to psychology, seems fairly strong. Nice list.

    Heh, just look out for fanatics. :wacko:

    Have fun playing.
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