Ultimate 750 Point Vc Army - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    Well here it is folks the very army that helped me annilate (ie- total destruction) no less than three peoples armies in our club championships. Just thought I'll chuck this here to help any of you's out.

    Necro +book +gem of blood
    Thrall (Strigoi)+ summon ghouls +iron sinews

    15 skeletons+ lightarmour+full command
    17 zombies+standard+music
    10 ghouls+ghast


    Any comments?

    How victory may be produced for them out of the enemy's
    own tactics--that is what the multitude cannot comprehend.

    -Sun Tzu

    "Quantity has a Quality of it's own"

    -Josef Stalin

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    Gem of blood on your 2 wound general?! Wow,thats risky. I would never do it personally,i cant imagine why you would. If a wizard is taking a wound it generally means hes going to die,unless its from a lone flyer or something,and then to put a 1/6 chance on him dying from only 1 wound is too risky considering how vital he is to the army.

    I'd drop the light armour from the skellies,your better off with more of them than the better save unless you already have a huge unit. Take the champion off too,1 more S3 WS2 attack isnt going to do anything worth 10 more points.

    I'd of dropped the strigoi for a blood dragon,so hes more survivable. I mean,a strigoi thrall only has a 6+ ward,whereas a blood dragon can simply get himself a great weapon and heavy armour at am amazing WS8 and S7,leaving alot more room for defensive gear. Just my opinion though,in such a small game its very possible he wont run up against another hero to get past his toughness and 2 wounds.

    All in all a very good list,i like it,and the banshee added in there really seems like a tacticaly savvy move,lots of synergy there. For once i do not have to dismantle a list after someone falsly claims it unbeatable

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    I like the list too.

    The only vulnerability I can see is against magic, quite a few spells can get through on 3 dispel dice, and a 1,000 point magically cheesed army would be able to zap you to bits!

    But it is pretty well balanced methinks.
    The iron crowned is getting closer,
    Swings his hammer down on him,
    Like a thunderstorm he's crushing,
    Down the Noldor's proudest king.

    Under my foot, so hopeless it seems.
    You've troubled my day, now feel the pain.
    - Blind Guardian

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