Vampire Count, level 2, great weapon, summon wolves, black periapt, crown of the damned, earth bind, wolf lord

Vampire Count, level 2, second weapon, earth bind, summon wolves, spectral attendants, book of arkhan

Vampire Thrall, great weapon, heavy armour, summon wolves, enchanted shield, earth bind

Vampire Thrall, heavy armour, shield, tomb blade, earth bind

Wraith, Obsidian amulet

Wight lord, BSB, barded nightmare, heavy armour, banner of the dead legion (with black knights)

9 Black knights, barding, full command, drakenhof banner

20 Sylvania militia, full command, halberds

20 Sylvania militia, full command, halberds

40 Sylvania levy, standard, musician, spears

12 Sylvania levy, standard, halberds

(Should these units be combined to two of 26?)

2 Black Coaches

2 Banshees

3 Fell bats

Casting pool 6, dispel pool 4, 114 models, 4 grave markers.

I'm going to have a lot of Wolves appearing behind enemy lines to cause fear, destroy warmachines and kill mages. A couple of bound spells should help my counts get at least one spell off too, of course all the grave markers will suck dispel dice. Then almost all of my units have magic resistance to cover enemy spells.

I will move forward trying to whittle enemy lines a bit with spells and use the grave markers to get a few skellies with crossbows for shooting, and zombies to block the enemy. Then get everything going full speed (for undead&#33 to hit the front of units, grave markers to hit the flanks, fell bats for flanks, and dire wolves for rear charges.

Is thw liat good, and how about the battle plan?

BTW, the small unit of levy is there to fill points and give me the extra core choice I need, it can be reinforced during the game or combined with the big one as I suggested...