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    i know similar topica to this have been posted but i feel a new topic is suitible cuase i obiously like different things.

    anywayi would like to start a new warhammer fantasy army and have had a very hard time choosing. the only army i particully dont want to play is ogres and skavan

    ill do it in the way someone esle did with the pounts which seemd to work quite well

    these are what i want in the army:

    a mix of units-i want to have a mix of units not just the same old thing. +++++

    i like magic-i love magic !! it is great +++++

    nice amount of troops-i like to have a fair amount of troops but dont want to much +++

    chracters-not a big point but i dont like scrowny chracters i want them to be able to lead my army +++

    link-i want my army to seem like they all are united in the same army to i want them to have some unification ++++

    ranks-in the units i like the troops to look close to the same. +++

    painting& modelling-i want them to have enough detail to unify the,m but not to much ++

    and last i want them to have variaty-so they can like ahve i e. fast army then magic haevy ( this is just example i dont nessecerraly want this )

    so plz help would be great

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    Well, don't be surprised if your topic gets locked for being repetitive. But here's what'd I suggest:

    Go to each army's forum and read the "Thinking of Starting [army]?" topic. If that doesn't do it, go the Tactics and Strategies forum and read the appropriate threads there. After that, come back and ask any questions.

    Hope that helped.
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    Yes I fully agree.. please try to narrow down your list on amry first, people cannot choose an army for you and nor shall they try. Look through the forums and see other people's thoughts on the armies, then using these thread (pinned at top of forums) ask questions on what you want to know. Then make your own mind up.



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