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    New to warhammer fantasy

    I have a couple questions as I have been an avid WH40K player for 4-5 years now. I am thinking about starting a WHF army and would like to know what a "good" starter army is. I am not interested in the bretonnians, or the dwarves. I have been looking at Tomb Kings (challenging I hear) and the Dark Elves (look really cool IMO). I wouldn't rule out Orcs/Goblins, and I could see myself playing Chaos (beastmen) also. Could you guys break down the pro's and con's of each of the armies listed? I have also listed specific questions about each army below:

    Keep in mind, when I ask for "good" units I just need names and numbers, not explanations why. I can get the explanations from the rulebooks and forums. Short and sweet please!

    [1] Tomb Kings - What are "good" units to get? (I have read they are hard to play, which actually attracts me to them)
    [2] Dark Elves - Are they out of print? I can't seem to find any "new" items on eBay. And, what are good units to get?
    [3] Out of TK, DE, Orcs, and Cbstmen, who would be the easiest "learner" army?

    Thanks in advance everyone.

    ~the machine god

    {secretly the machine god plays Tau and CSM ...shhhh...don't tell the adepts!!!}

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    All of the information that you need is here: (Warhammer Fantasy Army Selector)

    If you want army specific info (very basic) follow the links at the bottom of the page.

    Hope that this helps.
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    dark elves and tomb kings are more advanced armies.
    beastmen are midway.

    if you want cool models and a challenge when playing, look towards tomb kings, dark elves, high elves (hardly anybody i know can play them properly), peasent bretonnia (expensive due to amount of models).

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