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    Need help choosing an army

    *Sorry for posting here.. but the "Thinking of Starting Fantasy" thread is disabled -- This Thread is more than 75 days old, you can't reply to it.*

    Hi, I've been playing 40k for awhile too, I have both Tau and Witch hunters army. I like the shootiness of being Tau and their tactical involvement of careful manuevering and keeping range so they are not getting assaulted. I also like playing Witch Hunter because of their main strength lies in mid to close range combat, and their tactical involvement of getting into that range without losing too much number .. with the help of Faith Powers (like magic) to enhance their combat capability or survivability.

    Which army would you recommend to start? Can anyone point out the similarity of the fantasy armies that are like Tau or Witch Hunters? I cant wait until September when the new Rulebook comes out :rolleyes:

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    Well... this is a hard question to answer, since Fantasy is very different to 40K. You should tell us whether you like being good, evil, shooty, good at CC etc. I know you have said this already but you can't really do those things in Fantasy...

    Here's a brief description of all of the armies available in Fantasy (except Dogs of War, who are mercenarys and are a mix of all)

    For CC specialists, choose Chaos, they are nasty at it!

    Dwarfs are tough and shooty like Tau, kind of

    Bretonnians are good on the charge and are like Medieval soldiers, their knights are the main thing

    Dark Elves are weak, but very very expensive in pts, though they are great at everything else

    Empire are your average man force

    High Elves are like Dark Elves

    Tomb Kings aren't really strong but their magic is great and you can bring them back from the dead!

    Lizardmen are also strong at magic and are all-rounders with varying troop types like Empire

    Ogre Kingdoms are tough and brutish in CC

    Skaven are great at everything and sometimes considered cheesy

    Orcs and Goblins are quite comical and are cheap but strong in numbers

    Vampire Counts command wraiths, skeletons and all manner of dark magical things

    Wood Elves are mega shooty and magical

    That was just brief, for more info view the "Thinking of Starting ..." threads in the appropriate forums, it will give you a feel of what the army is like.

    Hope that helps,
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