Well here's the fluff around my general. I havent played any battles since i made this so theres nothing new to add.
But stay tuned!

Joseph Von Tchar had been a part of Ushorans army. Ushoran had founded the kingdom of Strigos that was later destroyed by Orcs. Joseph was a necrarch that was obsessed with perfecting the magic that had created the first vampires. Slowly, but surely his experiments became more wild and finally he drew the attention of a witch hunter that quickly made his way to Joseph’s lair. The vampire slayed the witch hunter and used him to further his experiments.
But then something went horribly wrong. The newest addition to Joseph’s experiments was a shard of stone that he had captured from some ratmen he had fought. During one of the experiments a routine spell went haywire. The spell blasted Joseph from his feet, his mind desperately trying to control the energies that were surging through it. Visions flashed in his mind, possible futures, things that were going to happen and things that would never be were all shown to him. As he fought of this invasion of thought he heard a cackling voice in its head.
A Daemon!
Joseph started chanting banishing rites to force the daemon away, but the visions persisted. He saw all the futures of this world then his mind was hurtled to the future. Giants in armor of gold and obsidian were carried aloft by birds of fire and steel, spewing death with staffs of iron. Creatures that could only exist in the nightmares of madmen slithered across the surface of this reality and they filled his head with a unbearable scream as he struggled to finish the banishing rite. As the last syllable was uttered the daemonic entity whooshed out of his mind and faded away cackling madly. Joseph recovered slowly as he tried to sort out what had just happened.
It took months to repair the damage the daemon had done to his mind, but it was done with the utmost haste.
When he had been struggling with the daemon he had seen himself destroyed by witch hunters. He didn’t know if it was true, but he didn’t want to risk it. He became very excited, something that is rare for someone that is immortal, he had glimpsed the future, seen what would come to pass, and he wanted to be a part of it. He took what research material he had concerning the origin of the vampires and changed it to make him able to survive for a very long period of time, only in stasis. He constructed a hidden chamber deep within his lair, powered by some of the stones that the ratmen employed, and then sealed himself within it.
Thousands of years passed, many things happened in the world during this time, the most notable of the deeds of the undead were Nagash´s rebirth, and the wars of the Von Carstein family. But Joseph slept, heedless of the world around him. But as magic surged through the world, on the account of chaos gaining more and more strength, the stasis chamber shut it self down. So now Joseph awakes, not to the future he expected but a world he thought he would never see again. Furious he rose a host of undead and he is now on a campaign to restore power to his stasis chamber, learning from his mistakes he will now seek out a large enough source to carry him to the future he so sorely desires.

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