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Thread: BSB vital?

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    BSB vital?

    For a long time now I've considered the BSB the single most important piece of equipment an army can take (with the exception of undead and possibly Ogres)

    Now with the new rules that give it an extra +1 to your CR, I can't see myself ever being tempted to leave home without it

    So as a general discussion, and possibly with reference to the armies that you play, what are your thoughts on the BSB?



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    If I'm using Eternal Guard and / or a Treeman, the BSB is critical. I don't have other units to backup EG or TM if they run. Seeing either of those units book it means a huge loss of tactical flexibility, not to mention big, big chunks of VPs.

    And you're right, that extra CR is huge. I give my EG the warbanner on the unit standard bearer. Then I give a mundane banner to the BSB along with a spite that makes him really, really hard to hit. It's a beauty of a setup.
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    Though I wouldn't say its neccessary, I play Dwarfs so rerolling failed break tests is no big deal, the extra +1 to CR is nice, and the fact that I can spend as much points as I want on runes for it meams it will almost always have a spot in my army.

    My favorite tactic is have a BSB with MRoFear (unit causes fear), RoBattle (another +1 to CR), with an awesome lord and a Runesmith with anti-magic runes, in a big unit of Ironbreakers (can last through a hell of a lot of shoting) or Hammerers [stubborn with LD 10 and rerolls on break tests=1-in-648 (if I did my math correctly) chance of failing a break test]. In that unit I have a standard bearer with RoGrungni (4+ ward save vs. missiles).

    I prefer Ironbreakers because of better armor save, same price (Vs. Hammerers w/ shields), Stubborn is almost usless as I doubt I'll lose CR, and great weapons aren't terribly useful when I have one rank'n'file troop on the front. But, if I win CR and the enemy doesn't break, Hammerers more than make up for their drawbacks.

    So, I like BSB's, but in a shooty or magicy army, I wouldn't take them, but then again I wouldn't play a shooty or magicy army.
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