Aha, a nice little themed army. What do you guys think of it? I am not too sure how this army would turn out. 3 units that are S6 on the charge, 1 flanker and 3 support units.

I tried to theme the army around the questing theme, probably off to purge some beastmen in some forest someplace.

I guess the Knights Errant would be up for a little quest to prove their worth and some duke someplace would contribute to the lady by sending some troops to help along, like Knights of the Realm (not really, just I have to take them, it's the rules) and the peasants.

I gotta scroll caddy (gotta have her) and the kick ass bretonnian lord with his sowrd of kill everything (he is on a quest to).

The Grail pilgrims would probably jump at the chance to follow the grail-vowed Paladin to their probable doom, so I think it all fits in well (bty I have sperated the list into the questing units and the support units)

Would this work?

Bretonnian Questing Army

Philippe Le Courageux = Sword of the Quest, Heavy Armour, Gromril Great Helm, Tress of Isouldle, Questing Vow, Barded Warhorse = 243

Pierre Le Forte = Sword, Heavy Armour, Army Battle Standard, Virtue of Knightly Temper, Grail Vow = 135

Anne Le Vierge = Sword, X2 Dispel Scrolls, Level 1 = 120

The Dukedom’s Troops
X8 Knights of the Realm = Lance, Heavy Armour, Shield, Musician, Gallant = 200

X20 Men-at-arms = Spears, Light Armour, Shields, Standard, Musician = 125

X4 Pegasus Knights = Lance, Heavy Armour, Shield, Royal Pegasus = 220

The Questing Troops
X8 Knights of the Quest = Great Weapon, Heavy Armour, Shields, Standard, Musician, Paragon = 251

X9 Knights of the Quest = Great Weapon, Heavy Armour, Shields, Standard, Musician, Paragon = 279

X9 Knights Errant = Lance, Heavy Armour, Shield, Standard, Musician, Cavalier, The Errantry Banner = 221

Grail Relique & 16 Battle Pilgrims = Swords, Light Armour, Shields, The Blessing = 208

Total = 2004

Models = 81

Power/Dispel = 3/3