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    wich army for a home version of a tale of four gamers?

    for any one who didnt read the articles, a tale of four gamers was four men, they all chose an army and spent a set amount on this army every month (50 pounds first month, 25 every other month) and slowly built up armies, this was good because they had a nice line of miniatures to paint in a month, possibly one of the mre interesting articles IMO

    me and 3 friends are startinng our own version of this, as we all no longer have the time to paint full armies, my friends have decided thier armies and here they are:

    friends number 1 : tomb kings, but hes NEVER goin to use archers, i havent played them so i dnt kno if this is suicide or not. I imagine gettin all your troop into hand to hand when they cant march would be risky.

    friend number 2: Dwarfs, all i kno is that he loves his cannons, i can bet anything that his army is goin to be a range based army.

    friend number 3: an all ogre army, wasnt too happy with this one, his friend has had a past of doin the stronger of strong armies (khorne(sp?) all mounted brets etc) but ye thats what hes doing...

    so my question is his, what army would u all recomend, before now i wasnt a gamer i was a painter and collector, so i own no army books, i do kno the trules however, i would like an army with some magic but also interesting models, thanks in advance =]

    -radiant venom

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    Well, personally I think a good counter-strategy to all of those armies is a specialised, elite force consisting mainly of skirmishers and fast cavalry, supported by some tough monsters and hard-hitting units... but then, I wood say that... :shifty:

    Sorry, that was an extremely bad pun.

    I'd recommend Wood Elves, partly because they will find it relatively easy to run rings around your three opponents but mostly because I'm a Wood Elf player. It also seems like that would make for a good mix-up of armies. TK are highly tactical, and need a great deal of thought; Dwarfs are stubborn and hard to shift, and are also extremely direct in their approach; Ogres are tough and can soak up the punishment. Add the flexibility and speed of Wood Elves, and you've got a pretty eclectic line-up, which should make for an interesting campaign.

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