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    2000 point Tzeentch Mortal Army - In need of tweaking

    Morning to all,

    I've been playing a while but I've taken numerous breaks for numerous reasons. Net result - I've played 3 games recently with my mortal Tzeentch Army and been routed each and every time. I need someone else's eyes over my list as I haven't got a clue what to do with it. I have the ability to buy/try virtually all suggestions.

    Last 3 games - Wood Elves (Drycha, 2xTreekin, 4xDryads, lots of tree singing); Brettonians (2 large blocks of knights, Pegasus Knights, Peasant Bowmen, Paladin, Battle Standard, Damsel); Wood Elves (Glade Guardx2, Wild Riders, Waywatchers, Wardancers, Dryads, Treekin, Treeman) - all units lists are single units unless stated otherwise.

    Where I list "Mark" this means Mark of Tzeentch.
    Unless otherwise stated the units do not deviate from the
    Exalted Champion - Extra HW, Mark, Bane Shield, Spell Familiar.
    Aspiring Champion - Halberd, Mark, Crimson Armour of Dargan.

    Chosen Knights (5) - Champion, Standard, Mark.
    Chosen Warriors (12) - Champion, Standard, Extra HW, Mark, Flesh Banner.
    Warriors (12) - Champion, Standard, Mark, Shield.
    Marauders (15) - Champion, Standard, Flail, Light Armour.
    Marauder Horse (5) - Champion, Standard.
    Chariot - Mark.
    Horrors (10)
    Ogre Leadbelchers (4) - Light Armour

    Any and all help gratefully received - after the comprehensive drubbing last night I'm a few days away from selling the lot on eBay and starting from scratch.

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    Welcome to LO, hope you like it. Here's my take on the list.

    I like Lords of Tzeentch, or no Tzeentch characters at all. I think it is easy for lvl2 casters to get spells they are unable to reliably cast, and the ones they can cast are only useful in specific situations.

    Your marauders should be 20-25 strong, to get full rank bonus and a chance at outnumber.

    your 12 unchosen warriors would be better off as knights, IMO. Better armor, stronger, more attacks.

    10 horrors are awfully expensive for a single weak bound spell. You'd be better off with some flying daemons IMO.

    Overall, I think Tzeentch needs to have a fair bit of mobility, and high level casters, to succeed. Lower level casters are better off taking other marks, IMO.

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    Would the chaos gods aprove of you selling there minions on ebay?!
    i think not.
    simple tactic taught to me by tzeentch himself, if a spell misses a grape shot of dice won't!
    Never argue with an idiot, they drag you down to their level, then beat you with experience.

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