exalted champion of chaos undivided: 150
general, bcs, flail, shield, gaze of the gods

great bray shaman of slaanesh: 328
lv4, braystaff, power familiar, crown of horns
----goes with
beast herd: 126
7 gors, 13 ungors, musician, champion

bray shaman of slaanesh: 176
lv2, braystaff, spell familiar, dispel scroll
----goes with
beast herd: 126
7 gors, 13 ungors, musician, champion

aspiring champion of tzeentch: 241
bcs, battle standard bearer, blasted standard
----goes with
23 marauders: 186
full command, light armour, shield

chariot of slaanesh

chariot of tzeentch

4 nurglings

4 chaos trolls

7 marauder horsemen: 111
flail, musician

7 marauder horsemen: 111
flail, musician

hellcannon: 295
spell breaker

2500 pts
12 pd
7 dd + 3 scrolls

let's begin with the bad news

i'm up against empire, and i expect to face 2/3 cannons (maybe 1 mortar), 1 hellblaster, 2 flagellants, an arch lector a priest and two celestial mages.

so i thought to try and use the hellcannon, because one lucky shot of it repays its entire cost, better than 300 points of spawns and knights who will be shot down in an instant (my enemy will deploy 30-40 handgunners, TOO)

the main concern i have is, should i use the blasted standard? since i'm gonna play magic a bit on the defensive, trying to force enemy to move, i supposed that ws 5 on marauders would grant them a good extra durability...but is this a valuable use? a magic standard in marauders?

then i added trolls that may regenerate wounds from shooting and crush flagellants

chariots to crush flagellants too

and nurglings because i love them LOL

i tried a list more cc-oriented against this empire, but i never managed to get into cc with a hitting force: all chariots destroyed on 1st round, knights grinded by magic and handguns by 2nd turn, flyers too...
and then the survivors faced the unbreakable flagellants (who were downhill right in front of warmachines), resulting in chaos warriors losing from resolution because no one could prevent detachments from flank charging.
so i'm gonna change my approach completely.

let me know your opinion!