I'm competing in a local tournament, and I'm having trouble making a list that actually could do some real damage. My lack of luck in making a good armylist is due to the small number of miniatures I have for HoC. Im currently planning on using Khorne, undivided mortal army in the tournament, because right now I think that with the models I have, I can make the most efficient list with Khorne, undivided. My current list idea is:

Chaos lord - general, undivided 345 pts
Berserker sword
enchanted shield
daemonic mount

The idea with him is to charge as a support for the knights or some other unit, making some real damage. I didn't want him to be Khorne, because I would like to be able to control him, in case something goes wrong with some other unit.

Chaos sorcerer - lvl 2, undivided, lore of death 170 pts
power stone
dispel scroll

The sorcerer would be there to help me dispel some magic and maybe cause some damage with some spells (tho I'm not counting on it).

5x Chosen knights of khorne 320 pts
full command

The knights will be the tank.

5x Marauder horsemen 110 pts
full command

I'm planning to use the horsemen as a support for the knights.

11x Chosen chaos warriors of khorne 328 pts
full command

11 warriors because if someone shoots 1 down, then I still have my + 1 rank bonus (tho I don't think it will make much of a difference).

Chaos chariot 120 pts

Support for the warriors. Chariot is undivided because the mark costs too much, and I'd like to be able to have control over it, just in case.

21 x Chaos warriors, undivided 387 pts
full command

This unit will be a hard hitting force, what will probably draw some magic and shooting to it.

16x Marauders on foot 137 pts
light armour
full command

I'm planning to use them as bait for the 21 warriors or as a support for them.

5x Chaos furies 75 pts

For war machines, mages, march blocking etc.

Total: 1992 CP: 4 DP:5

All the models I currently have are (for suggestions how to make the list better):

Lords & heros:
Daemon prince
Hero on daemonic mount
Hero on foot
Sorcerer on foot
32x Chaos warriros (2x full command)
16x Chaos marauder (1x full command)
5x Chaos marauder on horse (1x full command)
5x Chaos knights (1x full command)
1x Chaos chariot
9x Chaos furies
1x Chaos giant

I may be able to get 16 more marauders on foot in time for the tournament, but I'm not sure.
Any ideas?