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    2000 pts Nurgle, Friendly

    Here's my first attempt at a 2000 pt. Nurgle Army. All units "of Nurgle" have the mark of Nurgle and all others have the mark of Undivided. My initial concern is that my Mounted Sorcerer of Nurgle is not within a unit - Should I perhaps include him in a unit of Maraders? Or should I tweak the numbers to include a Unit of Knights? Any advice for a new player would be great.


    Exalted Champion of Nurgle (With Chosen Warriors)- 174 pts.
    Halberd, Death's Head

    Aspiring Champion of Nurgle (With Warriors) - 149 pts.
    2 Hand Weapons, Battle Standard

    Sorcerer of Nurgle - 226 pts.
    Level 2
    Barded Chaos Steed, Dispell Scroll x2

    Sorcerer of Chaos (With Marauders w/Shields) - 120 pts.
    Level 2


    Chosen Warriors of Nurgle x 12 - 356 pts
    2 Hand Weapons
    Full Command

    Warriors of Nurgle x 12 - 260 pts.
    Full Command

    Marauders x 15 - 130 pts.
    Flails, Light Armor
    Full Command

    Marauders x 16 - 137 pts.
    Hand Weapons, Shields, Lights Armor
    Full Command


    Marauder Horsemen x 6 - 114 pts
    Spears, Shields, Chieftain, Musician

    Marauder Horsemen x 6 - 114 pts
    Spears, Shields, Chieftain, Musician


    Nurglings x 4 bases - 160 pts.

    Spawn of Chaos - 60 pts.

    Total points: 2000
    Power Dice: 6
    Dispell Dice: 4
    Dispell Scrolls: 2

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    Yes, put the mounted sourcerer in a unit. Also I would consider puting the other sorcerer in a infantry unit too. The horsemen are too easy to panic.

    Death's head is a waste of points IMHO since the exalted is only WS3. Thus there is a good chance it misses. But if you have the points it's ok for a stand and shoot or something. Just don't expect it to do anything. Also your exalted is pretty weak. I mean T4 and a 4+ AS isn't very survivable even with 3 wounds.

    The BSB cannot have 2 handweapons (no hand left to hold the standard).

    Nurgle is a tough list to make. Especially at 2000 points it's hard to put enough units on the table. You did that well but are missing the speed now.

    Also your only hard hitter is going to be the chosen warriors with the exalted. They can be easily avoided.

    Still the biggest issue I can see is the lack of speed combined with the lack of things to take care of enemy warmachines and spellcasters. I would consider droping the regular warriors and the nurglings and get a pair of chariots and a unit of furies.

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