3000 exactly

Ok, I have never made a list this large - i have a 3k game against my friend this Sunday - he will play lizards with Slaan Mage. I think this will be a fun list to play and I am excited about using a dragon for once - i have chaos dragon and galrauch sitting there gathering dust bunnies so it will be great to fry some toad butt! Actually, I am a bit concerned about the Slaan Mage, 2 salamanders, 3 kroxigors, Carnosaur and Stegadon i am likely to see (no temple guards or terradons alas). Anyways, here is the list:

654 Lord of Slaanesh, MOS, halberd, shield, Crown of Everlasting Conquest, Chaos Dragon.
206 Sorcerer of Chaos, lev 2, dispel scrolls x2, MOS, barded chaos steed.
190 Sorcerer of Chaos, lev 2, dispel scrolls x2, MOS.
191 Exalted Champion of Slaanesh, MOS, steed of slaanesh, Halberd, Enchanted Shield, Talisman of Protection.

169 16x Marauders, great weapons, light armor, shields, musician, standard bearer, chieftain.
320 5x Chosen Knights of Slaanesh, MOS, standard, musician, champion, war banner.
520 20x Chosen Warriors of Slaanesh , shields, MOS, standard, musician, champion, Rapturous Standard.
1x Chariot of Chaos
1x Chariot of Chaos
5x Warhounds
5x Warhounds

10x Daemonettes
10x Daemonettes
6x Mounted Daemonettes

Units which i did not include but i have built are galrauch, 20 furies, 10 dogs, 1x small DOW canon and crew, 10 manflayers, 2 fiends of slaanesh, and 12 MOU warriors.

So, is this a great list or what? How would you change the army composition, given that I only own the above unused units? Thanks for yer help

~Sybaris Slaay