Need help with a Tzeentch mortal army and vs Ogre tactics. - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    Need help with a Tzeentch mortal army and vs Ogre tactics.

    So me and my friends are collecting warhammer fantasy after a long stint in 40k, and I like chaos and like tzeentch even more.

    My friends are collecting Dark Elves and Ogres respectivley, the elves I have no problems with but I'm wondering on tactics against the Ogres, their fear causing units are a real problem.

    Also how is this for a 1k point army list?

    Exalted Champion
    Hand Weapon, Enchanted Sheild, Mark of Tzeentch, Chaos Armour,
    Level 2 Sorceror

    12 Chaos Warriors
    Heavy Armour, Sheild, Mus + Stand + Champ

    5 Chaos Knights
    Hand Weapon, Heavy armour, Sheild, Barded steed, Mus + Stand + Champ, Mark of Tzeentch

    Firewyrm of Tzeentch

    25 Marauders
    Hand Weapon, Mus + Stand + Champ

    25 Marauders
    Hand Weapon, Mus + Stand + Champ

    1002 points total

    I was considering fielding 5 screamers instead of the extra unit of marauders, but their price (£30 for 5!) put me off.

    Any suggestions would be great

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    I really wouldnt take the screamers anyways. Unless used for flanking(which warhounds are or maraurder cav are better for anyways) their is to kill small units, screen, and go war machine hunting. With the ogers, you wont be able to kill a unit with them solo, not will you need to screen or go war machine hunting. The only real damage they can do is leadbealchers(will probably only shoot once anyways if he knows how to effecively use them).

    Aside from that, it is basically my 1k army list. The 25 with the maraurders is good, this will ensure you should still get a decent rank bonus by the end of combat(dont count on getting more kills, its everything else that will win it in that case). Also consider bumping one unit down to 20 and buffing up the warriors a little. If the ogers get the charge that unit will be in serious trouble, even if the AC is in it.

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