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    2000 slaanesh friendly+

    After a bunch of tweeking and fiddling, I think I've finally come to a final decision on my 2k army:

    > Gen. Chaos Lord -MoS, Blade of Blood, Pendant of Slaanesh, Enchated Shield, Steed of Slaanesh
    > Chaos Sorc lvl2 -MoS, Gaze of the Gods, Spell Familiar
    > Bray Shaman lvl2-Undivided (Beast Lore), Chaos Armor, Crown of Horns, Bray Staff
    > Wargor -Undivided, Heavy Armor, BSB (Vitrolic Totem)

    20x Marauders Light Armor,Shield, Std/Music
    1x Chaos Chariot -Undivided
    5x Chosen Chaos Knights -MoS (no cmd)
    19x Chaos Warriors -MoS, Shield, Std/Music [Chaos Sorc here]

    Beast Herd: 9x Gors (includes 1 Foe-render)-2nd hand weapon; 11x Ungors, Std/Music [Wargor BSB & Bray Shaman here]
    5x Mounted Daemonettes

    1x Chaos Spawn -MoS

    totals: 1999pts 6 power, 4 dispell

    I am not sure if putting 2 characters in with the Herd is the best idea, but it's the only unit they can go in. The idea is to be able to cast Bear's Anger on the BSB or the Foe-render and the entire unit will have poison attacks.
    I also don't have any dispell scrolls, but im hoping to advance quickly and challenge any casters with my Chaos Lord.

    Last edited by Geisticon; October 26th, 2007 at 15:06.

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