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    [2000] Nurgle, Mortal and Beasts

    Hail and well-met, fellows.

    After receiving some helpful advice in the main HoC section, I've decided to put together my Nurgle list in a more formal setting. I welcome any and all criticisms.

    Lords & Heroes:
    - Chaos Lord (General). Steed. Mark of Nurgle. Shield. Black Maul. (with Knights)
    - Bray Shaman. Mark of Nurgle. Braystaff. Goretooth. Dispel Scroll. (with Beastmen)

    - 5 Knights of Chaos. Mark of Nurgle. Full Command. War Banner.
    - 20 Warriors of Chaos. Mark of Nurgle. 2nd Weapon. Full Command.
    - 20 Warriors of Chaos. Mark of Nurgle. 2nd Weapon. Full Command.
    - 5 Warhounds
    - 5 Warhounds

    - 17 Beast Herd (7 Ungors). Hand Weapon & Shield. Standard. Musician.
    - 2 Nurgling Swarms
    - 2 Nurgling Swarms

    Total: 1997 Points

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    I think you should add another dispel scroll to your bray shaman, because right now your magic defence is really low. Or if you really want to keep the goretooth, then add another level to the shaman, for you to be able to cast better.

    Your herd is too big to be just the bodyguard of your shaman (you really only need a smallish herd for your shaman), and since your shaman goes in it, the herd can't screen (panic test and flees away with the shaman in it). But when you want the herd to be not a screen, but a flanker with your shaman in it, then this setup is pretty good, although I'dd add one ungor. I myself hate to run these many ungor/few gor herd setups, so I go 10 gor, 8 ungor, full command. This way it can screen and it can kill (I've done some real damage with this herd: charged 3 yhettees in the front and won the combat etc.).
    So one way to deal with the herd problem, is to make it smaller (drop a few gor and the standard) and keep it only as the bodyguard unit of the shaman (and MAYBE if the situation is right, charge and inflict some damage) or add one ungor and use it as a flanker etc. (which I prefer, but it's really a matter of taste).

    You can only have one unit of nurglings in your army, and I don't really think one unit would be enough to do ANYTHING in this army, so I suggest you drop both of them and add a nurgle chariot (nurgle mark for the fluff ). The chariot would be then doing what chariots usually do: protect and hunt flanks.

    I think two units of such expensive units of warriors is an overkill. I suggest you drop one unit and add a wargor BSB with an unit of 20 pestigor, full command. By doing that you would have two steady, relatively big blocks of infantry, which should stick together and by that would get the benefit of the BSB.

    The knigths and the lord are very fine.

    I don't really see what the hounds would be doing there, so I'd drop them.

    So here's the list, with the changes I suggested:

    Chaos Lord @ 344 Pts
    Mark of Nurgle; General; Frenzy; Chaos Armour; Chaos Steed; Black Maul
    5 Chaos Knights of Nurgle @ 290 Pts
    Mark of Nurgle; Barding; Heavy Armour; Shield; Full Command, War Banner

    Bray Shaman @ 206 Pts
    Mark of Nurgle; Magic Level 2; Lore of Nurgle; Braystaff; 2x Dispel Scroll
    Beast Herd@ 137 Pts
    Full Command; 10 gors; 2ndWeapon; 8 Ungors; Spear

    20 Chaos Warriors of Nurgle @ 440 Pts
    Mark of Nurgle; 2ndWeapon; Heavy Armour; Shield; Full Command

    Chaos Chariot of Nurgle @ 135 Pts
    Mark of Nurgle

    Wargor @ 127 Pts
    Mark of Nurgle; Light Armour; Battle Standard
    20 Pestigors @ 320 Pts
    Mark of Nurgle; Great Weapon; Heavy Armour; Full Command

    Casting Pool: 4
    Dispel Pool: 3
    Models in Army: 67
    Total Army Cost: 1999

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    just watch out coz 2HW on warriors who arnt chosen only get a 5+ save and ive seen whole units get destroyed if missle fire is concentered at them, if u get them across the field ok they will reak havoc,

    also maybe 20-25 marauders as it cud just be a gud way to boost up the numbers, but other than that a cool list!!

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