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    2250 friendly nurgle Mortals

    After Cycling through the various armies in the HoC book I realized Nurgle looked fun to play and paint.

    Lord 383
    armour of tortured souls
    crown of everlasting conquest
    barded chaos steed

    level 2
    2x dispell scrolls

    20 warriors x2 440 each
    Full command
    extra hand weapons

    6 Chosen Knights 330

    24 Marauders 200
    Full Command
    Light armor

    10 plaguebearers 160

    6 furies 90

    models in army: 89
    Power dice: 4
    Dispell: 3 (2 scrolls)


    That's right, llamas can parachute.

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    Since you have many infantry in your list, Battle standard bearer is a must, I think.

    Most of your army is rather slow. Without screening your forces will be torn apart by shooting. From my experience, beast herds are very good at this role. 5/12 herd with musician can protect half of your battle-line until they reach the enemy.

    Not sure about the mark of nurgle on your knighs. They have unit strenght of 12 so will hardly outnumber anyone to cause autobreak. Also if you plan on joining your lord to these guys, I advice to drop the chosen status and let the big guy do the killing.

    BTW, you might increase the number of plaguebearers to 13-18 and add Mounted Aspiring champion with battle standard, chalice of chaos and bitting blade to that unit. Plaguebearers will get +1 CR for battle standard and more hitting power from the champ, themselves protecting him with cloud of flies. Whilst your warrior units will get to reroll their break tests.

    Single 2 level wizard hardly ever gets the chance to cast anything. So I suggest either using level 1 with scrolls, or add another level 2 wiz.

    I thing shield+hw is a better choice for nurgle chaos warriors as your numbers is the key to victory. Paying 60 points for 5 extra S4 attacks (that is in the unliklely event you won't loose any models during the charge) and getting -2 armor save doesn't sound as a fair bargain to me.
    Additional hand weapons are only good with small units of warriors (small = not Nurgle)

    And the last thing - in the world of 7th edition - always use your chaos sorcerers mounted. They will have 2+ save that way.

    Hope that helps.

    Draft example (with least changes to your initial idea)
    Chaos Lord @ 317 Pts
    Mark of Nurgle; General; Flail; Chaos Steed;
    Armour of Damnation
    18 Chaos Warriors of Nurgle @ 350 Pts
    Mark of Nurgle; Heavy Armour; Shield; Full command;

    Aspiring Chaos Champion @ 201 Pts
    Mark of Nurgle; Chaos Armour; Battle Standard; Chaos Steed;
    Gaze of the Gods; Biting Blade;
    18 Chaos Warriors of Nurgle @ 350 Pts
    Mark of Nurgle; Heavy Armour; Shield; Full command;

    Chaos Sorcerer @ 151 Pts
    Mark of Chaos Undivided; Magic Level 1; Chaos Armour; Chaos Steed;
    2x Dispel Scrolls;
    23 Marauders @ 186 Pts
    Light Armour; Shield; Full command;

    6 Chaos Knights of Nurgle @ 258 Pts
    Mark of Nurgle; Chaos Steed; Heavy Armour; Shield; Musician

    6 Chaos Furies @ 90 Pts

    5/14 Beast Herd @ 96 Pts
    Unruly; 2ndWeapon; Spear; Musician

    Casting Pool: 3
    Dispel Pool: 3+Scrolls
    Models in Army: 94
    Total Army Cost: 1999
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    579 (x8)

    I thought the list looked a bit small, but then noticed why. each unit of 20 Warriors costs 440pts! really didnt think they would cost that much, but hey. Maybe loose their extra HW though, the shields are more defensice even in combat, and using greater number for the Fear advantages of Nurgle means they kinda loose their 'Elite' status of getting ComRes through kills. Hence you are paying lots for extra HWs that will never get used by the back ranks.

    With just one Sorceror, you wont be getting many, if any, spells off, so drop the Lv 2. Lv 1 scroll caddy is fine.

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