[750] Small Point Tournament - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    [750] Small Point Tournament

    750 points tournament.. I know it's kinda lame for such small point value game to be tournament size, but my local store is currently hosting one and I would like to participate with my newly started Chaos army. This would actually be my first time playing with the new shiney Chaos models :happy: I hope my 750 points list works out in the end, please give comments or suggestions so I may further improve my army.

    All models are Undivided

    [General] Exalted Chaos Champion w/ Steed, Flail

    Four S7 attacks on the first round of combat.. So good, my Wood Elves can never achieve this. Joins the Knight unit.

    Chaos Sorcerer w/ Lv.2 Fire Magic, Power Familiar

    Tiny teensy magic offense/defense. Joins the Warrior unit.

    10 x Chaos Warrior w/ Shield, Full Command

    Basically, these guys are my Sorcerer bunker, but they are still rock hard in combat so they can at least protect the flank of my knights until they are in combat.

    4x Chaos Knights w/ Shield, Standard, Musician

    These guys are so good.. I've had my many defeat by the Chaos Knights when I was playing my Smelly Elves.

    1x Chaos Chariot

    I had enough points to fit a Chariot so I thought why not.

    Total Points: 750
    Casting Pool: 5
    Dispel Pool: 4

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    You put too much trust in warriors in my opinion. They lack rank/outnumber bonus and with just one attack, will hardly ever kill enough to beat opponent's static combat result.

    If your exalted champion joins the 4 knights, he'll end up being shot to death.

    I believe chaos characters are way too expensive to afford two in 750 list. Consequently you are very low on numbers.

    If you really want to use that sorcerer, perhaps drop the exalted, make the knights chosen and make them five. Drop the musician and standard.
    They will be no less of a threat and cost less that way.

    Some random suggestions:

    #1 (Close to your initial idea)
    Aspiring champion+mark of tzeentch+flail+steed+dispel scroll
    5 knights of tzeentch
    (This way you can have both your str 7 attacks and magic, for less cost)
    20 marauders+armor+shiled+standard+musician
    (This guys are dirt cheap and have a nice +5 static combat result bonus.)

    Chariot of tzeentch
    (To support charge marauders and boost your magic phase.)
    5 chaos furies
    (You really need these to screen knights and/or hunt artillery)
    (PD/DD: 6/3 + scroll)

    #2 (Magic and slow moving elements dropped altogether)
    5 chaos knighs
    5 chosen chaos knights
    2x5 marauder horsemen+flail+musician
    5 chaos furies
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    Personally id sayit looks pretty good. Knights are solid no matter what points level you play them at. Expensive, yes, but dont forget at this level your opponant is less likely to have anything goodenough to counter them.

    Id say loose the Banner from the Warrior and Knight units, add a Champ to the Knights. Try and add 1 to the Warrior unit, so they can be run in a 6x2 formation.

    A Chariot is a nice choce, but maybe look at removing it in order to get a unit of Furies or something, possibly more useful for you.

    To be honest, if the Power Fam on the Sorc is as expesive as i hink it is, then id say loose it. Just stick with a simple magic offense, although against Dwaves youll struggle, but that will be the case anyay.

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