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    prospective 2/3k warrior list

    I've been tossing the idea around in my head for a while of doing a chaos 'renegades' list, where a small army breaks away from its allegiance to the Chaos Gods and forms its own order of warriors. (I posted the idea in the fluff section.) I'm not really in to the super-evil side of Chaos, which makes the idea of them being rebels very appealing. So this is a list that I created with that theme in mind.

    The restrictions I have in place are:
    -no spawn
    -no daemons
    -only Chaos Undivided
    -as I don't know if Beastmen and Warriors will still be able to ally with the next book, no beastmen

    Also, a few of my choices (foot hero, chaos warriors, chariot) are partially there because I have the models.

    Exalted Sorcerer, level 4, Skull of Katam, barded warhorse

    Aspiring champion, Book of Secrets, additional hand weapon

    Sorcerer, level 2, Power Familiar

    5 Chaos Knights, command

    6 Chaos Knights, command

    14 Chaos Warriors, command, Banner of Wrath

    24 Marauders, shields, light armour, command


    5 Warhounds

    5 Warhounds

    3 Ogres/Bulls (if I can use Beastmen, then I'll do Ogres as specials; otherwise, Ogre Kingdoms Bulls as rares)

    3 Ogres/Bulls

    And for 3k:

    Lord of Chaos, Chaos Runesword, Gaze of the Gods, shield, barded warhorse

    5 Chosen Chaos Knights

    10 Marauder Cavalry, spears, shields, command


    5 Warhounds

    5 Warhounds
    (or combine them with the others to make units of 10)

    The idea is that the characters in the first part are the initial rebels, and the lord of chaos is someone who joined them slightly later. I imagine them having a keep in the mountains of the Empire, ruling over some land and keeping their defenses vigilant in case the chaos powers find out where they are.

    The battle plan is to advance with the overwhelming might of my warriors, while hopefully getting enough nasty spells through to compensate for my lack of shooting or flyers. I have 3 base dispel/power dice, plus 4 for my lord (who also gets +1 to his casting rolls), 2 for my hero, and 1 for my aspiring champion, and the Banner of Wrath, so something should get through there.

    So what do you guys think?

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    579 (x8)

    I really hope they are compatibe in the future, or our magic item list is a bit screwed.

    Drop standards from the Knights, and id have the Asp Champ mounted riding with the second unit. Look at a 3rd Sorcerer to pump up the magic a bit, and also consider adding magic familiars in.

    keep all Warhounds as units of 5.

    As for the Maru Cav at 3K, chop them in half, run 2 units of 5 with Flails and music.

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