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    2000 pt hoc mortals using new army list rules!

    I found out how HOC is changing in detail (check forum) and ive made a new list that goes with the rules. here we go:

    (second draft)


    Lord MoT
    Dragon mount
    golden skull of tzeentch
    heavy armor
    Shield 600
    Weapon (dont know what to use)
    Maybe some more armor (dont know what to use)

    ( i dont know what other items would be good need help on that, would also need to find extra points for it somehow)


    12 warriors MoK FC 200

    20 Marauders light armor shields FC Flails 180 (not sure about this)

    20 Marauders light armor shields FC flails 180

    2* 5 chaos hounds 60


    5 Chaos Knights FC MoK 225

    Chariot MoN 120

    5 mar cav throwing axes 100

    1670 points (320 left over) what could this be used dor...giant...another hero...more knights...i honestly dont know

    I need some advice on the composition of the army. I think it is well researched (except the lord im not sure about points cost for it but the GW manager at the local store said 6- 700 hundred was realistsic)

    REMEMBER: marks can now be mixed and matched anyway you want

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    Tze Lord with Kho and Nur units.. and no Tze units.. im not liking the look of these new rules tbh. The old Mark system added so much to Chaos, fluffy wise, and now its about to be blown apart

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    Thats what chaos has become Phoenix - look at the Daemons. Things is, even though an army con contain mixed unit, characters from different gods can't join other gods' units, so SOME character is still there. In the end, the best lists wont use a little bit from each god...rather load up on 1 or 2, to gain maximum benefit from the Marks....

    Anyway the List. There seems to be quite a few inconsistencies between your list and the new rules:

    * The Lord of Chaos on that Dragon isn't a Level 4 wizard. MoT only grants a 6+ ward save. Is he really a Sorcerer Lord?

    * Those Chaos Knights aren't that expensive. They'f be 225 aqt most, and thats just me guessing each knights is 28 points, command is 50, mark is 35. Thats the MOST this unit could be.

    * Giants are 205 points in every list out there - Orcs, Beastmen, Dogs of War. Hard to see this one at only 200...

    * Spawn can't have marks anymore. I'm relieved for one...no more deciding whether to make my Spawn Bloodbeasts or not....no choice now!

    The list looks ok as it is. Dont use so many hounds, you risk panicing your own units. Just use units of 5, and 2 will do you, 3 at most.

    It's hard to judge at to moment, I'd like to have the proper list in front of me, not just rumours. To go with that Dragon, it'd be nice to have a 2nd unit of knights. also would be nice to see an Exhaulted support your infantry blocks, but they wont do too bad. Only thing is your combat guy is flying around, well away form them. Also, the points would be tight to et another Char in. May have to drop the giant to get 'im in.

    Let me look over the rumours a bit more. Ill try to get back to ya...


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