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    Warbands beat down.

    I was Playing my Warriors of Chaos up at a shop and useing the new rules, so i though It's try the shrine out, and see how warriors can handle themselfs now.

    Heres the list
    Exalted Chamion
    Pendant of +6 Inv save.

    Warriors x 9

    Warriors x8

    10 Marauders with shield and light armor ( Problem)


    Although it was a mega battle and my troup pretty much got cut in half and place of opposite sides and one of the team mates... I think I should have been able to hold better anys a block of high elf spearman,

    Mostly my consern is what would make for a better list at 500 points - 150 pt Hero Choice armor. I felt Marauders didn't serve there job. I had 1 dispell dice for magic so I got destroyed but call of the pheonix or whatever. Curse of years for the high Elves

    Also The Alter Charged a unit of 3 iron guts with great weapons and a OK Hero and Aced them. 3 wounds none saved he lost an ogre he did no wounds back I ran him down... Next turn he charged a unit of pistoliers and than them off the board. True to the fact that this didn't help the missions we were playing at all, and I let most of the points through... it was nice to see a chaos unit actually make it's points back for me for once.
    I'm now officially converting an altar from my chariott.

    Any help would be wonderful thank you.

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    Love, Peace, and Greace.

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    Not a lot of flexibility here... If you are playing warbands rules, you can have units with minimum size of 3 for 25mm bases. You can't take unit upgrades (other than weapons/armor) on units less than normal minimum starting size. I believe warriors starting size should be 10, which means those champs and the MoN aren't technically legal.

    For the hero, I would consider giving him the collar of Khorne to go with MoT, which will give you 5+ ward and MR(2). I would drop the 8 warriors and get a unit of horsemen and/or warhounds for some speed. I would also drop the marauders into handy little units of 3, which will allow you to mess with your opponent's head, until you can get into combat with your big bad warriors.

    Also, I don't know of any reason why you would only have 1 dispel dice. Armies generally come with 2 base dispel dice no matter what your configuration.

    The war shrine might be a bit premature at this point level. I have yet to see it in action, and it looks like it did you well, but it really is supposed to shine when supporting solid units. You may want to drop it in favor of getting a can opener, like some dragon ogres, some chosen with GWs, or some chaos knights.

    Anyways, those are just some things to think about, can't guarantee to be 100% right on any of them, but that's what I would try.

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