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    2.000 p.ts Khorne - Friendly

    Here's my army using the new warriors of chaos armybook; it's similar to the one I've posted a couple of months ago. My friends... ... no, my enemies, are High Elves and Bretonnians, so all kind of suggestions are welcome!


    Chaos Lord (360 p.ts total)
    -Mark of Khorne
    -Chaos Daemonsword
    -Juggernaut of Khorne


    Chaos Sorcerer (110 p.ts total)
    -Staff of Sorcery

    Exalted Hero (150 p.ts total)
    -Mark of Khorne
    -Fury of the Blood God


    20 Chaos Marauders (140 p.ts total)
    -Light Armours
    -Full Command

    2 x 18 Chaos Marauders (128 p.ts each unit, 256 p.ts total)
    -Light Armours
    -Full Command

    2 x 5 Chaos Warhounds (30 p.ts each unit, 60 p.ts total)

    5 Marauder Horsemen (115 p.ts total)
    -Throwing Axes
    -Full Command


    9 Chosens (281 p.ts total)
    -Mark of Khorne
    -Additional Hand Weapons
    -Full Command
    -Favour of the Gods
    -War Banner

    5 Chaos Knights (320 p.ts total)
    -Mark of Khorne
    -Full Command
    -Blasted Standard


    Hellcannon (205 p.ts)

    TOTAL: 1.997 p.ts

    Here's the deployment: Chaos Lord on Juggernaut joins the unit of Chaos Knights (by doing so, the Lord is protected by the Blasted Standard while "sharing" the Magic Resistance (1) of the Juggernaut [I'm not sure about this, tell me if I'm wrong]), the Chaos Sorcerer joins the biggest unit of Marauders, and the Exalted Hero the unit of Chosens (this time I'm sure that the whole unit gain Magic Resistance (2) of the Fury of the Blood God). Marauders should protect the unit of Chosen in the center from shooting/baiting (same is with warhounds&knights on a flank), keeping behind the lines the Hellcannon; the starting position of the Horsemen may change depending of the situation.
    A little further explanation of what I thought: I've taken the Staff of Sorcery for the Sorcerer (not the usual 2 dispel scrolls) to have an higher average in dispersion rolls instead of 2 certain dispels, counting that the 2 most important and expensive units (Knights and Chosens, along with Chaos Lord and Exalted Hero) have some kind of magical resistence. I wanted the Exalted Hero in the Chosens unit (whit also the War Banner) to maximize CR (basically we have 17 STR 4 attacks and 5 STR 5 attacks), while having a good Magic Resistance and the Favour of the Gods on the Chosens to have a good % of obtaing what the circumstance need (for example, a roll of 2 and 7 is rerolled and I can add or subtract 1 from the roll so I have 33% of gaining +1 attack or +1 strenght), and the same is for Knights&Lord. I hope that 1 unit of Horseman will do their job hunting down warmachines/wizards and a bit of charge support (that's beacause I've taken full command). I bet that the Hellcannon will never hit a single model 'cause I suck in guessing the distance in inches, but I wanna start to get used to it.
    That's all

    Last edited by Sabaoth; November 1st, 2008 at 18:10. Reason: forgot to write the total points used

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