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    2000pts Chaos Mixed

    This is the 2000pt list I designed.

    Exalted Sorcerer- Mark of Nurgle, Chaos runeblade, Chaos armour, Enchated shield, Dispell scroll, Palanquin of Nurgle.

    Exalted Champion- Mark of Khorne, Two handweapons, Bronze armour of Zhrakk, Favour of the Gods, Juggernaut of Khorne.

    Exalted Champion- Handweapon, Chaos armour, Shield, Battle standard, Banner of the Gods.

    14 Chaos Warriors- Mark of Slaanesh, Handweapons, Chaos armour, Shields, Full command, Rapturous standard.

    17 Chaos Warriors- Mark of Slaanesh, Handweapons, Chaos armour, Shields, Full command.

    5 Marauder Horsemen- Mark of Slaanesh, Handweapons, Spears, Throwing spears, Shields, Warhorses, Musician.

    5 Chaos Hounds-.

    5 Chaos Hounds-.

    6 Knights of Chaos- Mark of Nurgle, Handweapons, Lances, Chaos armour, Shields, Barded chaos steeds, Full command, Banner of Rage.

    This is a pretty balanced list as I can see it. The exalted sorcerer goes in the smaller chaos warrior unit whilst the battle standard goes in the larger one. Both units can this way hold their own against anything that charges them.
    The knights will hare off and do their own thing killing anything unfortunate to get charged by them whilst being shielded by the chaos hounds.
    The marauder horsemen will then seek out enemy warmachines, skirmishers and lone characters.

    I was thinking of dropping the Battle Standard in favour of a Shaggoth as I already have one but I am not sure about this. Let me know what you think.


    Basically life sucks, there is only war and you're probably gonna get eaten by Tyranids, have fun.


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    Okay, this looks like a good list, but I see a few things I would change. First, The EC on jugger will not get the bonus for two hand weapons when mounted, so I would swap them for a shield or a flail. Second, because this list is so small, I would make the horsemen more simple. I would just go for flails and a musician, and possibly MoS depending on whether you play a lot of fear causing enemies. Third, I would drop the lances and one knight from the knight unit. M7 is not that much these days, and there is a chance you could get charged, especially with frenzy, and S4 won't do all that much against anything will to charge chaos knights. If you stay in combat for a while (unbreakable, stubborn, unluck/lucky rolling etc), the enscorcelled weapons really help. The magic attacks are just the icing on the cake, really help against woodies and VC. I would lose the knight because against many units, you won't get all the models in (considering the jugger EC will be there) base contact, and 5 knights + the EC will destroy most things they hit.

    Then use the spare points to get more warhounds, they really help, and it's a very small army.

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