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    Whats your combo?

    I havent been able to play with the new Warriors of Chaos that much, mostly because of our local game store only giving us 1 day a week to play, but as I continue to go through the book I find we have some great combos of magic items.

    Right now my favorates are giving my Sorc lord and regular sorc the mark of Tzeentch and then giving one the Skull of Katam. When you keep them close together the are both getting +2 to there casting rolls.
    The next Ive seen talked about is having a BSB with Doom Totem and giving a Deamon Prince or even a Slaanesh Sorc Lord the Diabolic Splendour. For the Prince it will make everyone take his terror test at a -2 and if your Slaanesh Sorc Lord can roll the Hellshriek spell there panic test will also be at a -2.

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    As a combo/build, I've been looking at building a "Daemon Prince" Lord recently. It struck me that the Daemon Prince is really a rather rubbish character and I wondered how easily you could build a better one. How's this:

    Chaos Lord
    Filth Mace
    Talisman of Protection
    Disk of Tzeentch
    Mark of Tzeentch

    295 points

    That Lord character has one less wound but one more Leadership. He has the Daemon Prince's 5+ ward save; he causes terror as soon as he's killed an enemy model (how hard can that be for a Chaos Lord?!); and he can fly. So far, he seems pretty similar to a Daemon Prince, right?

    Now, add to that that he has a 2+ armour save and he has poisoned attacks, plus he can roll on Eye of the Gods, which the Daemon Prince can't do and I have to ask myself why you would ever take the Daemon Prince, except for fluff?

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