Howdy all, this is my first list with the new armybook. I love all these characters so all of my lists are using at least one.

15x Chaos Warriors w/ Mark of Slaanesh, Full Command, Shields

5x Marauder Horsemen w/ Mark of Slaanesh, Flails, Light Armor, Musician.

1x Festus the Leechlord

5x Chaos Knights w/ Mark of Nurgle, Full Command

10x Chaos Warhounds

Unit reasoning:
-Festus will footslog with the warriors, giving them that awesome regenerate + poisoned attacks making the unit a high priority target but able to soak up damage.

-Marauder horsemen will do their fast cav thing, going for any archer/rifleman lines. Mark of slaanesh will keep them going until they die out.

-Knights do their knight thing. Gave them mark of nurgle to make them harder to kill.

Now I'm just not sure if I want the warhounds (for more archer/rifleman/heavy weapon hunting) or if I could better use those points upgrading some other units, like giving the warriors halberds, getting dispell scrolls and other goodies.

Thanks in advance for all/any opinions and comments!