Ok, I am new to Chaos (have been into the game for several years though but mainly WH40K) and have yet to buy my first Chaos models. I have a couple of ideas for how my army should be though:

1. It should be interesting to play

2. It should not be too horribly expensive money-wise

3. It should be at least slightly thematic or fluffy, but the most important thing is that it should look cool on the table. Hence the Dragon Ogres.

4. It should be quite competative and take-most-comers

So, basically, I'm looking for the perfect army!

One idea that I have is to make a heavily Slaanesh-themed army using Fear itself as a weapon. This army would include sorcerers using Slaanesh magic and a lot of Fear-causing units such as Chaos Knights, Dragon Ogres and Trolls etc.

I would be very thankful if you can tell me which unit configurations (weapons, wargear, model count, formations etc) are regarded as awesome and which that are regarded as crap. Please comment on this!

Here is a rough sketch:

Lord choice:

Sorcerer Lord or Chaos Lord, 300-350 pts
Not really sure here. Points should come in around 300 pts for a Lord and a bit more for a Sorcerer Lord. Keeping with the theme, I'm thinking about giving the Lord that poisoned magic hammer which makes the wielder cause Terror once he's killed something in combat. And diabolic splendor and so on. The Sorcerer Lord would have the Mark of Slaanesh probably, or I might leave those magics for the lesser Wizards and have him use the Lore of Death. Otherwise I have problems deciding on Wargear, there is simply too much to choose from! This is something I really need help with!

Hero choices:

EVENTUALLY: Exalted hero with battle standard 180-230 pts
This guy would carry the Doom Totem magic banner, making everyone who sees him have their Ld reduced by -1. He'll march with a tough unit of Chaos Warriors, keeping him safe in the middle of the board. This would be thematic, and would "help" the enemy fail all those Fear, Terror and Panic test I'll be forcing him to take. Other than that, he’ll probably have just a hand weapon and shield. No mark, unless he needs one to join a unit with a mark (not sure about the rules here).

Chaos Sorcerer 191 pts
Level 2 Wizard, Mark of Slaanesh, 2 dispel scrolls, Chaos steed
This guy will ride around the battlefield, probably with a unit of knights or horsemen for protection, spreading panic. The spells from the lore of slaanesh are all awesome; just think about making your Knights or Dragon Ogres cause Terror and march them into the midst of the enemy! Cruel. The other spells allows me at least to limit or control their movement, or simply wreak havoc in units with good armor saves (and low T or Ld).

EVENTUALLY: Chaos Sorcerer 191 pts
Just like the one above. I might not need this guy if I have a Sorcerer Lord, but I am not sure. Being used to 40K, where really it hurts to spend too many points on leaders, I do not really know how much I should spend on them here in Fantasy.

Core choices:

11 Chaos Warriors 235 pts
11 Warriors; Mark of Nurgle, Hand weapons, shields and Halberds. Musician + Standard bearer. These are the guys I plan to have the Exalted Hero join. They are durable, both in hand to hand and against missile weapons. Should I give them the magic banner that gives them a ward save against missile weapons or is it too expensive?

10 Chaos Warhounds 60 pts

10 Chaos Warhounds 60 pts
Screeners, distractions and cannon fodder. They can divert fire from my other units, going against war machines and such. Cheap!

5 Marauder Horsemen 75 pts
Hand weapons, shields, javelins. Basically these are cheap disruptors, adding to my unit count, killing off guys here and there, sometimes protecting mounted characters and so on. They have shields instead of light armor so that they can use the shield and hand weapon in combat to get a nicer save. Too good to pass up.

5 Marauder Horsemen 80 pts
Hand weapons, shields, throwing axes. Like the ones above, but with axes.
5 Marauder Horsemen 108 pts
Hand weapons, Flails, Light armor, Standard bearer, Musician, mark of Slaanesh. These guys are going to help my other units out in combat, basically. They can get up and charge flanks to negate rank bonuses and score some extra kills in an ongoing combat or get a lucky double charge with another unit.

Special Choices:

3 or 4 Dragon Ogres 231-308 pts
Great weapons. These guys are just too cool. They are as fast as Knights and hit really, really, hard. I don’t know really if it is worth it to have 4 of them, as they cost a lot of points and might have trouble getting into base to base contact with some stuff if they keep their rank too broad. They cause fear, so my magic can make them cause terror instead.

3 Trolls 135 pts
Relatively cheap and cool, they cause fear and all that. Adds some variety and they are not too expensive.

5 Chaos Knights 210-230 pts
Bought as they come, the only upgrade I give them now is Mark of Slaanesh. Eventually a standard bearer as well, is it worth the 20 pts? This unit is where my Lord will go, in any case, so the unit WILL be hard hitting even without lances.

Total: Somewhere above 2000 pts, probably.

So, what I need to do now is add and detract and decide a few things to make this list take shape. I would like to get a Shaggoth or something in there, but then I’d have to drop one of the heroes and possibly something more.

Does it seem cool? Doable? Idiotic? Any comments are welcome.