Hi all,
Coming back to WHF for the first time in what seems like an age, and the lure of the new warriors of chaos book is too hard to resist. After initially considering Khorne, I finally settled on Tzeentch, drawn to the deadly combination of combat prowess and sorcery. Im thinking of picking up the battalion (20 marauders, 12 warriors, 10 warhounds, 5 knights) then getting a champion or 2 to bring it up to 1000 points to play in my local store for a few games, before i begin to expand the force.
I like my armies to be very fluffy, thus i would imagine i would have no chaos lords or exalted heroes, instead taking only sorcerers and sorcerer lords, along with every unit taking the mark of Tzeentch.
Obviously these are just my idle views and plans, and following such plans might lead to a nice looking force, but one that will struggle in battles.
Can anyone lend a hand in building my army list? e.g. what to arm my units? what items to give my champions etc?
P.s. this is just for the 1000 pt force, but if you have any ideas on expanding from here, feel free to share them.
apologies for being so long winded and specific