Is this list solid? Please comment!

Warriors of Chaos, 2000 pts


Chaos Lord 324 pts
Shield, Chaos Steed, Mark of Tzeentch
Biting Blade, Collar of Khorne, Armor of Morrslieb, Favor of the Gods
The Lord will join a unit of Knights.


Chaos Sorcerer 191 pts
Level 2 Wizard, Chaos Steed, Mark of Slaanesh
x2 Dispel Scrolls
The Sorcerer will join the Troll unit, providing leadership while still being able to cast magic if they go stupid on him.

Exalted Hero 181 pts
Chaos Steed, Shield
Chaos Runesword
The Exalted Hero will join the second unit of Knights, providing almost as much killing power as the Lord does.


5 Marauder Horsemen 95 pts
Flails, Javelins, Light armor, Mark of Slaanesh
These will mainly be harrassers and charge supporters, perhaps taking out war machine crews and weak skirmishers.

5 Marauder Horsemen 90 pts
Throwing Axes, Shields, Mark of Slaanesh
Same here, but with different weapons.

10 Warhounds 60 pts
These will act as screeners, perhaps I will split them in two units of 5.

12 Chaos Warriors 232 pts
Halberds, Hand Weapons, Shields, Mark of Slaanesh
Standard Bearer, Musician
An anvil unit, they are supposed to march up the centre and be some kind of mainstay of my army. Exposed characters can ride in here and join up for protection. I consider switching Marks for Nurgle, but it is nice not having them running away or testing for Fear.


5 Chaos Trolls 225 pts
These are just too much fun. I had included 3 Dragon Ogres with Great Weapons first, but I think these Trolls will last longer and support the other units well. The trolls have good staying power, and having a large unit really makes them that much better because of the eye of the gods-table. Pretty expensive money-wise though, horribly. Sorcerer joins these.

6 Chaos Knights 300 pts
Musician, Standard, Mark of Nurgle
Lord joins these.

6 Chaos Knights 300 pts
Musician, Standard, Mark of Nurgle
Exalted Hero joins these.

Points total: 1998

Any modifications you think I should consider or absolutely should do?