(1) Wulfrik The Wanderer
(1) Exalted Hero - Sword of Might, Shield, Juggernaut, Mark of Khorne
(1) Exalted Hero - Axe of Khorne, Shield, Juggernaut, Mark of Khorne
(1) Exalted Hero - Filth Mace, Acid Ichor, Shield, Mark of Nurgle

(3) 12 Chaos Warriors of Nurgle - Banners, Mark of Nurgle, Great Weapons, & Shields
(1) 16 Marauders - Banner, Great Weapons

(2) Chaos Knights - Banners, Mark of Khorne
(1) 5 Forsaken

So here is how it works. First off warriors walk up the center of the board killing everything with great weapon goodness, and the hero with the filth mace is in the very center unit of warriors. Then we've got knights on the sides, and in each unit of knights there will be a juggernaut hero. For war-machines, and just a great threat to the flanks and backs we'll have the forsaken, and wulfrik will come in from the back with his 16 marauders. You'll notice there is no magic, which is what I was going for.

Tell me what ya think. So far the guys at the Gameworkshop I play at are all in love with it lol.