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    Son of LO
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    1000pts - is it too cruel?!


    our store has started up the book of grudges staff challenges again, and my fellow monkies think i may have gone a bit too far with the utter jerkiness of a 1000pts nurgle list... wondering what you all think of this;

    exalted champion w/mark of nurgle, chaos armour, filth mace, favour of the gods, barded chaos steed

    Lv2 sorcerer w/mark of nurgle, power familiar, sword of battle, chaos armour.

    Lv1 sorcerer w/mark of slaanesh, rod of torment, chaos armour.

    10 marauders

    10 chas warriors w/hand weapon + shield. champ + standard w/festering shroud.

    5 knights w/mark of nurgle.

    the only reason my game was close is because i rolled nothing but 1's with the chaos knights... they killed... NOTHING!!! they bounced off of high elven archers!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i went up against;
    Lv2 mage w/annulian crystal
    Lv2 mage w/jewel of the dusk
    2x bolt throwers
    12x archers
    15x sword masters w/FC & banner of arcane protection.

    i wiped him out to the last elf... but i only had 9 chaos warriors left thanks to my amazing ability to fail 5 out of 5 armour saves on the useless knights!

    so, did i go too far with this list?! any way to be an even bigger jerk?!!


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    Son of LO Phaeron Typhoon's Avatar
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    It depends, how useful is the Slaanesh sorcerer to you?

    I would consider dropping him for some warhound units and maybe to beef up the marauders a bit (flails or something, maybe a Mark of Slaanesh).

    I just think that at 1k, a couple warhound units are excellent for capturing quarters and if a warhound unit does manage to capture a quarter, it just tripled its own points. They are also excellent at flank attacks in conjunction with knights, ensuring that even if the knights do badly you still have a decent chance of winning combat.

    As a side note, I can't believe that people thought your list was more jerky than that high elf monstrocity! 2 bolt throwers, a large unit of swordmasters, and effectively 5 levels of magic at 1k!

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    Thats not too bad at all. Makes me feel guilty for using 2 units of knights.

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